How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Website with ConveyThis Translate Plugin?

ConveyThis Translate plugin is the fastest and easiest way to translate your WordPress website into over 90 languages instantly!

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If you have ever thought of going internationally with your WordPress website, you probably know that there are pretty much multiple translation solutions out there and most of them are functioning almost the same.

Here is the one that works in a slightly other way and here is why it really stands apart from the rest.

ConveyThisTranslate is a relatively new translation plugin that is capable of translating your entire site in literally 5 minutes. You will not need to use any third-party help on any step of installation or the very translation.

Powered by instant machine translation it provides a significant boost to the entire translation process where you take only a leading role and are not distracted from main purposes like your store sales.

Using ConveyThis you get a fully SEO optimized website which will help you to become available to the global audience.

Let’s dive into the simple and fast translational process.

Installation and configuration

First of all, you need to install the plugin to your WordPress site.

To do that go to the plugins page in your control panel and click “Add new”.

Type ConveyThis in the search section and plugin pops up. Click “Install” and then “Activate”.

The plugin will show up at the top bar of your admin, click on it.

You will see the message that plugin installed, but not yet configured.

To configure it you need to get your unique API key.

Go to and sign up. Once you confirm your account go to your dashboard and grab your API key. Paste this key into the applicable field of the plugin’s configuration page, also select source and target languages, click save.

That’s it! You can visit your site, refresh the page and check out the fancy button.

Before you start translating pages let’s get back to the settings and have a look at the customization options.

Here we can see that you can change the shape, position and general appearance of the button.

Also, there is an option set up a custom language-flag pair. If you want an American flag for English language or you have Brazilian audience you free to set this up as you need.

So all the setting are extremely intuitive and you don’t need any special background in web development to work with them.

Editing and analytics

Once you have your first translations you can do general proofreading and make them more human. The machine translator does a good job, but if you want to provide your customers with the content of higher quality ConveyThis has a really simple interface to help you do that.

On the plugins page or in your account go to “My Translations”.

This is one of the most important pages in your account because here you can see the most valuable indicators for validating your multilingual campaign goals.

On this page, you’re shown the list of all your translated pages. Multiple filters are available for quick search purposes.

The number of page views will help you to determine which pages are gaining you the most payable customers and as a result a higher number of sales. If you notice that some of them are pretty useless you can simply delete them and renew your words limit.

When you find a specific page you want to edit click on its link. It’s the main editing page where you can implement all your corrections.

The translated text is on the right-hand side. You can find the specific fragment you want to change and type your translation there.

When you finish, click save and your version will appear on the website instantly. Metatext and attributes are also available for editing on this page.

SEO best practices

And the last but not least benefit is SEO optimization.

This is a huge benefit you have when using the plugin. All of your translated pages will be properly indexed by search engines and as a result, will have much more exposure for relevant search requests.

Most plugins allow you to translate pretty much most of your website but you have to pay for additional features like adding “hreflang” attributes, enabling user-language redirection, editing alt tags, etc.

At the end of the day, it’s becoming unreasonable to have a translated website without all those features. With ConveyThis all of these are included in the plan’s price.

Speaking of pricing, ConveyThis caters to various needs starting with a totally free plan for small websites, blogs, and multipage online stores.

The plans differ from each other with only the number of languages, translated word limits and page view limits, so you will never pay for something that you don’t really need.

Besides this flexible pricing model, ConveyThis has a money back guarantee for all their advanced plans.

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