Start Growing Your Online Business NOW With these 8 Best WordPress Plugins For Marketing 2023

In this article, I am going to share a list of 8 Best WordPress Plugins. With these plugins, you can boost your conversion, sales and grow your email list, cloak affiliate links, monitor downloads and view site stats within your WordPress Dashboard.

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INTERNET MARKETING builds authority using content to inform and build trust with prospects and customers. CopyBlogger

If you want to market your products and services on the Internet, you need to follow many strategies. There are many ways to market on the Internet. From writing and promoting great content to sharing optimize content for Search Engines and inviting fans and followers.

Here are a few Internet Marketing Tips:

Internet Marketing Tips by
Internet Marketing Tips by
  • Start a blog and provide quality content
  • Optimize content for SEO
  • Regular updates on-page content
  • Add a subscription form on your site
  • Invite fans and followers
  • Provide exclusive offers for fans and subscribers
  • Advertise on social media
  • Focus on email marketing
  • Use the video for marketing

Neil Patel and Ritika Puri have also published an in-depth guide about online Marketing at QuickSprout blog. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing has 14 chapters, you can learn all about Internet marketing.

Top 8 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing

In this article, I am going to share some best free and premium WordPress plugins for marketers. With these plugins, you can optimize content for better SEO, social media, and create beautiful landing pages for higher conversion.

Most of these plugins are free, you don’t need to pay for plugins but for advanced features and better conversion sometimes you need premium plugins, so don’t hesitate to invest few dollars on premium products.

1. JetPack Video

Videos are one of the best ways to promote your service and product or service, YouTube, Vimeo, and many other websites allow you to upload videos and you can embed them on your website/blog.

93% o marketers use video for online marketing, sales, and communication.

But sometimes, you don’t want to use a third-party website. The VideoPress module of Jetpack plugin allows you to upload videos from your computer for hosting on and inserting on your self-hosted Jetpack site.

VideoPress is available to all users on the Jetpack Premium plan ($99/year) (limited to 13Gb) and those on the Jetpack Professional plan ($299/year) that offers unlimited storage.

View Jetpack Plans

2. PrettyLink Pro Link Cloaking & Redirection

Affiliate marketing is very popular and one of the best ways to earn money online. As a beginner or experienced marketer or blogger, you can promote other people’s products on your blog, email list, and social media accounts to earn money.

How affiliate marketing works infographic
How affiliate marketing works infographic – Source: AvoidOnlineMarketingScams

When someone will buy a product through your affiliate link, you will earn a healthy commission. Dozens of free and premium Link cloaking plugins are available for WordPress.

The pretty link is one of the most widely used and best plugins to cloak your affiliate links. With the PrettyLink Pro plugin, you can hide/cloak your affiliate link.

For example, you can turn a normal affiliate link like to

Pretty Link Pro is more than a mere Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener plugin for WordPress. This plugin displays all the stats of your cloaked links within the WordPress dashboard.

Download PrettyLink Pro

3. Google Analytics WD

When you have a blog or website, it’s very important to find out how people are using your website, which content is more popular on your blog, and what type of devices visitors are using to browse your blog.

With better analytics data, you can provide better content and it’d be easy for you to display different offers to different visitors.

Google Analytics is a free service to view website stats. Google Analytics WD is one of the best plugins to view website stats within the WordPress dashboard. (Yes, We are using this great plugin on our blog).

One of the best features of this plugin is that you can connect multiple websites/blog and you can see stats of any website from your main WordPress dashboard.

This powerful plugin displays all the important data in graphs and charts view. A free version of this plugin is also available but to find out more deep stats, you should buy the pro version of this plugin.

Download Google Analytics WD

4. Free Landing Pages Builder by WishPond Free Marketing Tools

WishPond offers different marketing tools designed to quickly and easily scale your business without learning to code.

Free Landing Pages Builder and Marketing Tools by Wishpond
Free Landing Pages Builder and Marketing Tools by Wishpond

WishPand has four different marketing tools to grow your email list and promote your products and services.

  • Landing Pages
  • Popups and Forms
  • Contests and Promos
  • Marketing Automation

With the above mentioned four tools, you can easily grow your business and revenue.

With the free plugin, You can create beautiful landing pages from your WordPress dashboard and host them anywhere. You will be able to monitor analytics, collect emails, improve conversion rates, and more.

With this free plugin, You can create an unlimited number of Landing Pages, Popups, and Forms for FREE.

The free plan allows for up to 200 leads (form submissions), after which you can use one of the affordable plans starting at $49/month.

WishPond has a 14-day free trial on all annual plans and you can add up to 10000 leads.

Start Free WishPond Trail

5. PopUp Domination The Best Email Marketing Tool

Let’s discuss some important facts about email marketing first.

The average email open rate for welcome email is whopping %50, making them %86 more effective than the email newsletter. (An automated email is a no-brainer.) MarketingSherpa

%51 of all email is opened on the mobile device. Design for the smallest screen first and use responsive design templates to ensure your emails look great on any screen size. Litmus

And here is a solid reason to pay for email marketing tools and services.

For every $1 spend, $38 is the average return on email marketing investment.

For every, $1 spend, $38 is the average return on email marketing investment

66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of email marketing message.

PopUp Domination is the leading email software to grow business with an email list. This powerful plugin has so many advanced features and works with dozens of email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, CaimpaignMonitor, and many others.

You can install and use this powerful tool on all types of websites and blogs. It does not matter if you are using WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, SquareSpace, Tumblr, Shopify, PrestaShop or any CMS to manage your website. PopUp Domination works very well on all types of websites.

PopUp Domination has dozens of beautiful and highly converting templates, email themes, forms, and PopUps.

With its redirect themes, you can send traffic to sales and affiliate pages to boost your earnings. Countdown Themes features lets you create scarcity for your offers and boost conversions.

You can build all types of forms including exit PopUps, OnClick PopUps, PopUp Triggers, Notification PopUps, Page Specific PopUps, Show on object mouse over, Mobile / Desktop only PopUps, etc.

PopUp Domination: Get Your First 14 Days FREE!

6. Social Viral Downloader Share or Tweet to Download – Free Plugin

The Social Viral Downloader is a plugin to drive more traffic to your sales, offer, or any other page on your website.

You can offer something exciting ebook, video, cheatsheet, etc to your visitors. Once installed, this plugin prompts the user to share a message on their FaceBook, Twitter, and GooglePlus account before downloading any file from your site.

You may also add a description along with a title for the Facebook post which will be shared when a viewer wants to download the file from your website.

Social Viral Downloader is a “Share to Download” plugin and works for Facebook, and Twitter.

7. MailChimp Subscription Plus Free Plugin

This is a free MailChimp plugin for WordPress that helps you to increase the count of new subscribers for your blog or website by using MailChimp and some professional subscription form.

The idea for this plugin came up because I created a new mailing list for my website. By using the RSS-driven campaign feature from MailChimp, it’s possible to send new blog posts to my website’s subscribers. Olaf Lederer – Plugin Developer

You can add the subscription form to any page or post or sidebar by using a shortcode or just include all blog posts.

8. Simple Download Monitor

This is another free and very useful for managing and tracking your digital file (ebooks, zip files, etc) download counts.

It gives you the full control to password protect your downloadable files and documents too (visitors will require a password before downloading the file when you use this option).

With a shortcode, you can show the number of downloads to your visitors as well.

Final Words

That’s all for this list of “Best WordPress Plugins For Marketing”. We have covered 8 free and premium plugins to easily market your products and services.

You can manage your affiliates links, monitor downloads, grow an email list, and boost sales with highly optimized email templates.

If you are using any other plugin, share with other readers of our blog, and share your valuable thoughts in the comments below.