Use This Powerful WordPress Blog Theme For Earning More From Your Ads MyThemeShop Ad-Sense Theme Review

Want to make more money with Google Adsense. Use this powerful and Adsense optimized theme to increase your revenue.

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AdSense is a one of the most popular free and simple way to earn money by placing ads on your blog or website. More than two million people are using Google Adsense program to make money from their blogs.

All Adsense Ads are reviewed by Google Adsense team to ensure they’re high quality and relevant to your content or audience, even when viewed on smartphones and tablets. It ensures that you can earn more from these adds.

There are thousands of free and premium themes available but not every theme is optimized for Google Adsense. A Google WordPress theme optimized for Adsense can increase your revenue.

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Adsense Theme Download and Demo Page
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Best WordPress Theme for AdSense – Powerful & Responsive Theme

If you have even wanted to earn more money from ads on your website/blog, Ad-Sense Theme is the one you should install today on your blog.

It is the most Adsense friendly WordPress theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users.

This powerful premium theme by MyThemeShop helps show ads to users who don’t want to see the ads.

A lot of users got the theme for just $19 (over 70% discount on regular price $69) and you can still grab the theme for the same price if you act now.
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Launch offer available for just 24 hours. Hurry up and grab this theme before it is too late.

$19 is peanuts when you consider the benefit this theme brings you. $19 means you pay less than 0.05 per day for a full year. That means, if our theme helps you get just one extra ad click per day (it will help you get way more), the theme pays for itself in just a few days.

Here’s a run-down of the benefits you get when you use Ad-Sense theme:

Best WordPress Theme For AdSense- MyThemeShop
Best WordPress Theme For AdSense- MyThemeShop

Adsense Theme Features

Responsive Design: This is a fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress theme that will adapt to any type of display. Which makes sure that every visitor will be able to see your website at its very best.

Adds Friendly: This Ad-sense theme has been designed from the ground up to be ads-friendly. Maximum ads click without inundating and frustrating your visitors.

Add Blocker Detector: Add blocker are common. So many people are using Add blocker plugins/addons to block annoying ads. MyThemeShop has designed this theme to maximize your earnings from ads and comes with features that other AdSense friendly themes do not.

With Add Block Detect feature, You can ask your visitors to turn off their blocker or even restrict access.

Support for Response Google Adds: Responsive, mobile-friendly adds improve the experience for your blog/website visitors, increase clicks and earnings.

Hide Post Content If Add Blocker is Detected: This is a great feature of this Adsense friendly theme, If a user is using Add blocker, You can hide your post content from them.

Ask them to disable add blocker for your website. This feature makes sure that your visitors are enjoying all your content for free by restricting access to those who use ad blockers.

Show popup if Ad blocker is detected: Most of your readers don’t realize that they are hurting bloggers. You can politely request that they turn off add blocker and they often will.

Show Floating Box, If Ad blocker Detected: This is another way to alert your readers/visitors. You can choose the most subtle method that is right for your business and for your blog readers.

Hide Content Using Short Code: This is another feature of this theme, You can use a simple shortcode to hide specific section of content for users, using ad blocker. They can access content after disabling ad blocker for your website.

Add Locations

Different-Banner-Locations Adsense WordPress Theme
Different-Banner-Locations Adsense WordPress Theme

You can place AdSense adds anywhere on your website or blog. You can place adds right in your header, where they will be highly visible but won’t get in they way.

Another place that is ripe for ads is right below your navigation menu, This theme allows you to do that easily. You can also display add before single post content or even at the end of your blog post. This way your readers will only see ads, when they have finished reading your blog post.

Show single post ad after x days: This advanced and rar feature allows you to show ads on a post only after a set number of days. This way your evergreen content will make more money for you, while your regular readers won’t have to deal with ads.

  • Ad Management Options
  • Detect Ad Blocker
  • Ad Blocker Notice Type
  • Ad Blocker Title
  • Ad Blocker Description
  • Make Site Background Clickable
  • Enable Header Ad
  • Enable/Disable Navigation Ad
  • Enter Custom Navigation Ad Code
  • Choose Navigation Ad Size
  • Select Navigation Ad Background
  • Show Ad Below Post Title
  • Show Ad Below Post Content

7 Beautiful Predefined Layouts

The AdSense theme comes with many beautifully designed layouts that are ready-made and ready to go. Simply click to install button and give your visitors a professional and fully optimized experience.

5 Home Page Layouts

Best Adsense Themme 5 Homepage-Layouts

Customization is made easy with five different homepage layouts ready to go. You can decide whether you want your posts front and center or you’d prefer a more image-centric layout.

Powerful Premium Features

Best AdSense WordPress Theme More Features
Best AdSense WordPress Theme More Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do You Realy Need This Adsense Theme?

A: Yes, you really do. Over 500 million devices connected to the internet use ad blocking in their browsers. That means, a lot of your visitors don’t even see your ads, let alone click on them. Ad-Sense helps show the ads to people that are blocking them.

Q. How does AdSense Theme benefit You?

A: According to some studies, over 26% visitors of your website might be blocking ads. So, showing ads to them with the help of our theme means 26% additional ad revenue. If you are earning $100 a month from your website, it means you will now earn $126 (26% extra).

Q. Is the theme easy to use and will it suit my niche?

A: The theme comes with one-click demo importer, so you don’t have to spend hours in configuring the theme like demos. To help you further, we have also included 8 different pre-built layouts in the theme to get you started in no time.

Q. Do MyThemeShop offer a video tutorial?

A: Yes, MyThemeShop has a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to setup Ad-Sense theme properly and without any errors.

Q. Is there a refund policy?

A: MyThemeShop is so confident in their theme, they offer 14 days refund policy. So, if the theme doesn’t work or if you face issues they cannot resolve, just let them know within 14 days and they will refund 100% of your money.

Q. Do MyThemeShop offer a discount?

A: Yes, MyThemeShop just launched this theme a couple of days ago which means you can take advantage of our launch offer and get the theme for just $19.

MyThemeShop Adsense Theme Discount Coupon Code and Links

Buy Adsense Theme For $19 only
Coupon Code: 19Always (Regular price is $69, use coupon code 19Always to buy theme for $19 only)

5 responses on “Use This Powerful WordPress Blog Theme For Earning More From Your Ads MyThemeShop Ad-Sense Theme Review

  1. Vrushali

    While I am not here to promote or market for a new theme, if I had to choose one from the list, I would go with the Adsense Theme from MyThemeShop.

    I don’t use Adsense on my most of the site, but I’ve been considering it. If I ever do, maybe, I’ll switch to one of these templates to see if it would support me to increase my earnings. All the themes you shown are really charming and elegant but are also premium. I will be happy if you could propose some free Adsense friendly themes.

    I personally worked more WP themes on my blog before, it was not so good in boosting the AD Revenue, but it was heavy in loading particularly for newbies like me that always looking to make money blogging from Banner Ad Instead of Affiliate Marketing. I would suggest any but newspaper style which is way better in terms of speed as well as mobile responsiveness since they also have quite extraordinary benefits like structured Data etc.

    Thanks for sharing all these themes with us, I know that they will help anybody to increase their Adsense earnings.

  2. VipOne

    All these will sounds like a definite plan only after the monetization part of the deal gets covered, which seems like the hardest thing to do for most people.
    However there are tips to follow like choosing the proper ads network when starting to engage into the earning venture is the most important one.
    There many pop-under networks (simply google it) still among my favorite is because of the way it treats the publishers like me and yourself eventually.

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