7 Best WordPress Widgets and Plugins to Use them in the Sidebar

Use these 7 types of plugins to display testimonials, Instagram feed, google maps, and more in the WordPress sidebar.

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WordPress is a wonderfully customizable and efficient option for your web-based building needs. It’s pretty intuitive once you understand its rules and it gives you the option to achieve all sorts of amazing results for pretty reasonable prices.

It’s not hard and it’s very consistent. One of its smartest assets is the widgets feature. It’s a feature which has such diversifying capabilities that it boggles the mind. So much functionality can be added to your sidebar and all the other available spots for your WordPress widgets.

7 Useful WordPress Widgets and Related Plugins

WordPress in its most basic format doesn’t come with many of them but it is very easy for you to upgrade so that you can have a whole host of products available. The question is, which should you be using, and which will be most useful? Well here are 7 widgets that you might just like.

1. The Instagram Feed

Instagram widget plugin for WordPress
Instagram widget plugin for WordPress

Instagram is one of those social media platforms which absolutely dominates the landscape and has done for a few years now. With incredible marketing and promotion potential, it’s exactly the sort of platform on which a company might have its own profile.

Consequently, it ought to be something which people can travel to from your site and vice versa so that they get that integrated experience which is so valuable. The Instagram Feed widget gives you an elegant alternative to a link and keeps people connected all the time to your site and feed.

Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery plugin has 14000+ sales at Envato Market place, It means, This plugin offers enough features for WordPress users.

You can also download and install the free Instagram Feed plugin.

2. Events Calendar

WordPress events calendar plugins

This will be a more applicable aspect for some sites over others. If you are a company that hosts sites, sells tickets or organizes events then this is obviously perfect. It’s a really intuitive thing to have upcoming events displayed right there in front of people as they browse the site.

If you don’t already do this, it could encourage you to think about involving your customers and clients in the events of the company a bit more.

Download any of the available Events plugins from the plugin directory.

Here are four very popular WordPress events calendar plugins for WordPress.

  1. EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin has been used by 43000+ WordPress Users.
  2. WordPress Pro Event Calendar is another very popular plugin.
  3. WordPress Events Calendar

3. Testimonials Widget

WordPress testimonials plugins and widgets

Testimonials are a vital asset for a lot of businesses. Positive testimonials are some of the most important tools for a company, particularly a new company or a specialist company.

Having the positive feedback front and center on a site, without distracting from your products, is a wonderful alternative to relegating them all to a testimonials page. Litter reviews around the page as a subconscious reminder of quality.

You can use any of the free Testimonials plugins from the WordPress plugin directory.

Testimonials Showcase – WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin used by more than 5000+ WordPress sites. Offer a lot of design options and features.

4. Google Maps

Google maps plugins for WordPress
Use Google maps plugins for WordPress

This is a really good one for sites which are connected to companies with physical storefronts or offices. A Google maps widget gives the people browsing your site an opportunity to connect an online store to its physical locations, which will increase the likelihood of sales as well as allowing you to even get involved with some localized search engine optimization.

It’s a household name as a company, so it gives people a sense of familiarity and imbues the site with professionalism.

There are many free WP Google Maps plugins available at the WordPress plugin directory.

We recommend you to install the Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress, which is the number one Maps plugin for WordPress and more than 9000+ WordPress users have purchased this premium plugin.

5. WP Easy News Scroller

WordPress Easy News Scroller plugin

This plug-in will really keep your site up to date, with a constant stream of news and news alerts. This gives the impression to your clients that you are really up to date and keeping up with current affairs.

It’s also a very smart and subtle way to remind people that you care about the world outside of your site and connect your company to the real world. There are a lot of news widget options but this one of the best.

Download WP Easy News Scroller

6. Adning Advertising

Adning Advertising is a way to monitor your monetized advertising in a clean and efficient way. Site advertising can be a sticky and difficult thing to have to deal with, but, with the use of a widget, you can make your life a lot easier.

Adning Advertising is a nice subtle way to deal with website ads and manage things like quality checks. It also gives you a support network that you can refer to for the first six months.

Download Adning Advertising

7. Profile Widgets

Websites, even professionally developed ones, can leave visitors feeling a bit cold. They are, after all, programs not people. However, there are people behind the websites and articles.

Emphasizing the human elements of your site, displaying the people behind the articles or posts and connecting the human users with the humans of your company is a great way to form connections and improve the experience.

Having a way to display biographies can really enhance that. Profile widgets are a really good way to add a personal touch in an integrated way.


It goes without saying at this point but the range of benefits to sprucing up your WordPress with some widgets are so wide and so rich that you’d be foolish not to at least investigate the potential opportunities available to you. Hopefully, this list has given you a good place to start!

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