Top 10 Writing Tools Online & WordPress Plugins To Make You A Productivity Guru & Organized Writer

In this guest post Kate Simpson is going to share the best writing tools for writers and bloggers to write, proofread and organize your content like a pro.

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In this article, I am going to share the best writing tools for writers and bloggers. These online writers tools will help you to become a better and organized writer.

When you started blogging, you thought WordPress was the only tool you needed. It allowed you to design a site with a simple template, write your posts, and publish them.

Is WordPress really the only tool you need? Not if you intend to become a really successful blogger. You can publish blog posts even if you stay limited to WordPress, but you won’t be the most efficient blogger you could possibly be.

The Internet offers many resources that boost your productivity and efficiency as a writer. It would be a shame to stay isolated from all those opportunities.

We will list 10 great writing tools that boost the effectiveness of a WordPress blogger.

writers-tools best writing tools for writers
best writing tools for writers

1. Toggl

Toggl lets you assign specific tasks by project, so it’s awesome if you’re working on multiple blogs and you collaborate with a team.

How exactly does this tool improve your productivity, you might ask? It lets you see how much time you spend on a certain task. If you plan to spend two hours in research and two hours in writing, you’ll see how much of that time you’re using effectively, thanks to Toggl.

The report will make you aware of your efficiency and ability to fight distractions.

2. Grammarly

As a blogger and writer, Grammarly is a must use tools for bloggers and writers. if you write a lot of content on your blog and for other blogs and clients, you must use this powerful and free proofreading tool.

This is a free proofreading and spelling checker tool that checks the text for grammar and punctuation.

I have been using this tools for a while and I love it. I have installed Grammarly’s Chrome extension which helps me to easily find and fix spelling mistakes.

If you are a writer, Must install Grammarly chrome extension and sign up for free account.

3. Google Docs

Writing directly in WordPress is possible, but it’s not the most convenient thing to do.

If you write a lot of blog posts and you want to find and group posts together, the tool will make that goal really difficult for you. With Google Docs, everything is easy.

It automatically saves your work, and all work will be easy to organize. You can also share your documents via email with your colleagues and other team members.

4. Writing Miro

If you decide to write in WordPress, then you’ll need this plugin, which puts you in a distraction-free mode.

It removes all the things that can distract you and allows you to focus on the writing itself. You can change the background and set relaxing music that will keep you going.

5. Editorial Calendar

This calendar lets you keep your work organized. Google Calendar is great, but it’s not the perfect organization tool for a writer because it can create a total mess.

This WordPress plugin is focused solely on your blogging activities. It makes it easy for you to see when the posts are scheduled, and it gives you a clear overview of the blog with publication dates. You can rearrange the plan with simple drag-and-drop functions.

6. Publish to Schedule

Planning the posting schedule is too much work for you? This WordPress plugin can take care of that for you. All you’ll need to do is write without worrying about publication dates.

Thanks to Publish to Schedule, you will preserve the periodicity for the blog readers, since this tool will automatically schedule your posts for publication.

You will configure the number of posts and time interval for the schedule, and the rest of the tasks will be automated.

7. AssignmentMasters

When you’re stuck with a post at any stage and your block prevents you from sticking to the schedule, you can always get help from the AssignmentMasters writing team.

With this tool, you’ll have writing and editing assistance at any time. The editing help is especially useful. Keep in mind that a tiny grammar or spelling errors can ruin the impression for your blog readers. You don’t want the grammar nazis to notice you.

8. Trello

This productivity tool will support your work as a blogger. Trello lets you create and manage Boards, cards, and lists that you can organize according to priorities.

Let’s say you’re planning to write a lengthy and detailed post that needs a lot of work. You can set five cards to organize the tasks through things to keep in mind researching; writing; editing, and Published. You will start with the list for things to keep in mind, where you’ll put all ideas and plans for the post.

As you make progress with those tasks, you’ll move them around the other cards until you get them all in the done section.

Popular websites like Pagely and SitePoint are also using Trello Boards to manage writers and articles.

9. Anthologize

If you blog productively, you’ll reach a point where all content on your site will look like a great database of knowledge. Maybe you’ll want to get all posts together in the form of an eBook, which will bring all your work to a higher level.

You can do that directly in WordPress with this plugin. Anthologize is an open-source, free publishing platform that allows you to grab posts from your WordPress site and format them into an eBook.

You can sort the posts into proper book sections, set up acknowledgments, and do everything else you would do when writing an eBook.

10. Evernote Sync

You probably know that Evernote is one of the most effective note-taking apps you could possibly use. As a blogger, you can use it to note down your ideas, collect research material, and plan your future posts.

This WordPress plugin will let you automatically sync your Evernote notes to WordPress. In other words, you can write your entire blog posts in Evernote while you’re taking public transport, and then simply publish it on WordPress. Sweet.

Bonus Tip. Free Tools To Optimize Images for the Web

Images are very important part of web, so don’t forget to optimize your images before uploading them to your server. We use to optimize images and screenshots for every blog post.

The speed of your WordPress site is a huge factor for positive user experience. Large image files are slowing down your site. You need the images to improve the clarity and appeal of your posts, but slowing the site down is the last thing you want. and will resize large images without affecting their quality. These free online image optimization services can reduce the size of large images without losing their quality. You’ll get a faster page load time without losing the quality.

Final Words

All above-listed tools make you a better, faster blogger. When you implement the right tools in your practice, you will be able to fight distractions, set an effective schedule and stick to it.

Remember: these are not the only great tools available for you to explore. Try them out, since we made an effort to pick the most effective ones for you.

However, we suggest you to keep exploring the opportunities and keep adding cool tools in your daily writing routine. Don’t forget to recommend the ones you like!


About Author: Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson is a young writer for Assignment Masters creative team, seeking creativity inspiration in unusual destinations.

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  1. Mirian Shade

    Great post Kate! I like Toggl the most. Surely, distractions are not at all welcomed while writing. And these tools will definitely enhance the productivity as they give you the suggestions that people like.

  2. Melvin

    Kate, I appreciate these tools so much! Thanks for sharing your professional advice tips, I believe this information will help me to become organised and increase my writing productivity.
    If you are looking for a reliable editing tool to add in your daily writing routine, you should check this online plagiarism checker out, I like it for its high scanning speed and clear plagiarism reports. Plagiarism software is what makes you sure your work is original and keeps you running.

  3. Madalin

    Great post, Kate! Nowadays, it`s so hard to fight with distractions and procrastination when writing any piece of content. These tools might come in handy.

    Thanks for the bonus tip. Optimizing images for the web is very important, especially for user experience and SEO. To complement with the tools, I want to share with you a practical guide related to image optimization – people might find it quite in handy, at some point!

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