blogging tips for beginners – 8 Expert Guidelines for Successful WordPress Blogging in 2017

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Blogging, there are so many blogs today about so many different subjects that there is actually a name specifically for that collective.

The Blogosphere! Getting in is really easy. You simply get an account and host it yourself or pay to have it hosted. You select a domain name and you are basically good to go.

1. Getting noticed

well that is the extremely hard part. You might as well go and find a unicorn the chances are about the same! Just kidding, there are definitely ways to help improve your visibility and build a loyal reader base!

If you are an aspiring writer (or want to be) a blog can be a good place to gain some following. There are plenty of online writing jobs out there but having a blog can help you build your brand and author recognition.

So, what is your message?

Defining the message you want to convey to your readers is one of the most important things for your blog. This is the cornerstone of every successful blog and you should put some real time and effort when making this decision.

Start writing guest posts for other blogs, this is one of the best way to get noticed and build your audience and email list.

2. Smart use of headings and paragraphs

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Headings and paragraphs are important since they set the tone and give your post structure. They are also the first thing the reader’s will see after the title. If the title sparked the readers interest than headings and paragraphs will make them keep it.

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Also, be careful that your paragraphs are the natural conclusion of a thought. Don’t just make paragraphs simply because they will make the text more visually appealing…

3. The design


The design and visual presentation of your blog are, of course, open to debate and tastes are different from person to person. In general, it is recommendable that the design should be clean and simple without too many details.

MyThemeShop has 100+ premium quality themes and plugins to build powerful and beautiful blogs.

Clustering of too many elements on the page can become visually confusing and can distract the readers from the most important thing, the text.

4. Be an expert in your subject

Why people even read blogs? Mostly because they are informative and often humorous insights into a certain subject area. So if you have a somewhat humorous writing style (or you think you do) you just to be or need to become an expert in your selected subject.

People want to learn new things and insights on things they are interested in. Some general information that is basically common knowledge and that everyone can easily find simply won`t do.

You need to offer a unique twist, an angle nobody else is exploring. There are many writers wanted ads out there but being an expert in a subject matter will give you a competitive edge!

5. Article length

Article length is another important aspect of a successful blog. There is a fine line between too short and too long and you need to walk It. Just think how easy you lose interest if you see an article that is too long in your opinion or a video that is more than a few minutes.

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People today are very busy and usually, don`t have time to waste on too long content. Again this is up for debate and preferences vary but you should try to keep your articles between 300 to 700 words range.

At JustLearnWP, we prefer to publish 800+ words articles. But studies have found that lengthy (1500+ words) articles are very popular and get higher search engine rankings.

6. Add content on regular basis

Choose a posting tempo that you feel most comfortable with and stick to It. It is very important that your readers know what to expect from you. It is very important to have structure and regular posting.

For example, you can choose to post every Monday and Thursday and the readers will be on the lookout on those days. If you change posting days too often it can lead to reader confusion and abandonment of your blog.

7. Always put links to your previous articles

You never know at which point a new reader will get interested in what you have to say. So, you should always have links toward your previous articles just a click away. They should be clearly marked and easy to find so that the readers can roam through your blog easily.

8. Proofread and fact check everything

Prior to posting, always a good idea to let someone you trust to read your latest piece and to give honest feedback. Jobs for writers are easy to obtain but hard to sustain.

You should always make sure that all of your posts are completely free of any grammatical errors since these would just seem sloppy and lazy from your side. All the facts you are mentioning should be thoroughly checked as well. Only publish well rounded fully completed and polished work!

WE SUGGEST grammarly: This is one of the best and most popular app to find and fix grammar and spelling mistakes. We have been using grammarly for a long time and we love it. If you are planing to write great content, don’t forget to sign up for grammarly. it’s free.

There, apply these blogging tips for beginners and combined with an interesting subject you will be well on your way to create a truly successful blog with a loyal reader’s base that will become a lucrative business in the long run!

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    Guest posting is an inspired way to improve your visibility as a newbie blogger Kira. I feared guest posting for a long time; only began on that journey well into my blogging career. Thank goodness I did. What a leveraging vehicle it was for me. Super post here.


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