Flywheel Managed Hosting Review- Best WordPress Hosting For Small Agencies & Developers

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There are many choices to host your WordPress websites, so pick a hosting company which is good in terms of security, speed, and management. When you make choices for hosting your WordPress sites, think about what kind of hosting you need rather than who is the hosting provider.

Types of hosting providers

  • Shared hosting is the basic hosting option where you can share IP addresses with other websites.
  • Dedicated hosting is the powerful hosting option where the whole server is basically dedicated just for you without sharing at a higher cost.
  • WordPress Managed Hosting is the best option with enhanced security where the shared hosting option is with 25 other websites. The server is usually managed by the hosting company in this case.

The other interesting option is VPS (virtual private server). Though it is shared with 25 other websites, it acts as a private server by using the virtual element. The maintenance of the server lies in your hands and not the hosting company.

Flywheel – Hosted WordPress Solution for Small Business and Giant Agencies

Flywheel’s partnering with Google Cloud Platform to raise the hosting bar without compromising prices. Get auto-healing and instant-scaling technology, a redundant architecture, redesigned caching, and so much more with any Flywheel plan

FlyWheel WordPress hosting
FlyWheel WordPress hosting

FlyWheel is undoubtedly the best as it was launched to improve the lives of web designers and developers who specifically work on the WordPress platform.

What makes the flywheel an excellent choice is their outstanding customer service and the fact that their servers are built based on the practice of WordPress.

It makes customization an easy peasy job and your WordPress site runs better here than any other hosting provider. Let’s take a look at some other features it boasts of.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Features
Flywheel WordPress Hosting Features

Performance analysis

It outranks every other hosting provider with its fastest loading time and is the sole reason for high traffic sites to opt for Flywheel as it gives reliable and best solution in performance.

It also holds a record uptime of 100% and is leading the charts in the industry. It is built flexible to handle any amount of traffic your site receives. It provides this option for even the simplest plan you choose on its package.

Security and speed

These are the main priorities when it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your website. First of all, there is no need to use many plug-ins for Flywheel as it has inbuilt speed and security and it filters bad plug-ins if they are potentially bad for your site.

It also checks if the WordPress you are using is out-of-date and if the website is poorly built. With a number of websites per server a limited number, speed is never an issue with Flywheel hosting.

The speed of the site is an important factor when it comes to Google ranking and customer retention. Everyone knows that customers migrate to different websites if it takes forever to load a page.

Free SSL certificates for every site!

flywheel WordPress hosting with free SSL certificate
flywheel WordPress hosting with free SSL certificate

Most major internet browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari are changing the way they display sites without an SSL certificate. In the address bar next to the URL, any unsecured sites will display a bright red message saying “Not Secure.”

But fear not. Flywheel not only makes it super easy to install SSL certificates, but they’re also free! Making their Simple SSL feature a great selling point for you and your clients thinking about switching to Flywheel.

Free website Migration

It is a major headache for a website developer when the need arises to migrate to a website and do a lot of replacing. It takes up all the time but with Flywheel, you can assign all that work to them by sharing the credentials of your old site.

After completion of the work, they would bring it to you for a review. Once you go live the hosting company will replace all your old links upon request free of cost. It is very economical and best for its price.

Built-in caching

Installing caching plug-ins helps your site to handle the multiple requests without compromising the loading time. Most of the hosting providers charge extra for it whereas Flywheel provides it for free.

Backup and restoration

You cannot stress enough about the importance of backup for a site. A single mistake can ruin all your data and files which can get lost or get hacked forever.

Generally, every wise blogger install a WordPress backup plugins to ensure backups but it takes the time to go through the cloud to check if they are properly stored.

Flywheel provides those backups on a nightly basis and restoration can be done with a single click if something goes wrong.

Free demo sites

Which designer and developer don’t love free demo sites. It gives a chance for them to test their designs and present it to their clients. Unlimited amount of demo sites can be obtained from Flywheel to test new features, designs, and WordPress plug-ins.

Secure collaboration and SFTP

Flywheel offers the best option to designers and developers by allowing them to access their collaboration tools.

So with this, you can provide access to your designs to clients and team members without the need to share passwords. You can easily revoke the access once the project is complete without having to keep track of the logins.

If you are wondering what SFTP is, it is an SSH file transfer protocol for managing the one-time login and giving you an overall view of every account hosted by you. The grant-remove access works well for every collaboration and project you take up.

Free malware checkups and billing

Flywheel makes it a point to check websites for dangerous malware and cleans it for free to give you safety and security.

Once you are done with the website development, you can hand over the billing task to the Flywheel provider where they email the billing details to your client and billing can be done with a single click.

Flywheel offers a variety of plans and packages to give users an option to choose an apt one based on their needs. Overall Flywheel comes with a bundle of power packed features at attractive prices.

Connect to Flywheel! Build. Launch. Manage. Scale. Boom!

If you haven’t checked out our 100% free app, Local by Flywheel, you’re truly missing out on one of the most loved tools for designers and developers.

It’s never been easier to develop WordPress sites locally, share with collaborators, give clients a sneak peek, and do things way more productive than debugging local environments.

If that didn’t already change your life, hold on to your seats. Local by Flywheel the is a slick new solution for deploying your fancy new site directly to Flywheel.

Not only will your design shine, but your site will have the speed, performance, and support that has made Flywheel famous.

FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing and plans

The best thing about Flywheel is that it has very affordable hosting plans for all type of clients from small sites to big agencies. There are two types of hosting plans.

  • Monthly (Single site plans and Bulk plans)
  • Yearly (Single site plans and Bulk plans)

Monthly Single Site Plans

TINY – $15/Month: A neat and tidy little starter option to host a single website with 1 WordPress install and 5000 monthly visits.

PERSONAL $30/Month: This is one of the most popular single-site plans at FlyWheel. With this plan, you get 25,000 monthly visits, 10GB disk, and 500GB bandwidth. You will also have access to all of our fancy features!

PROFESSIONAL – $75/Month: When your site is getting pretty serious, popular and getting a lot of traffic, You can upgrade your plan to the professional hosted WordPress plan. With this plan, you can get 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB disk, and 1TB bandwidth.

With the professional plan, You will also get Free CDN and WordPress multisite features that let you manage a network of websites with from the main WordPress Dashboard.

Monthly Bulk Site Plans

FREELANCE – $100/Month: If you are a freelance developer and getting new clients, this is a great setup for your growing client list to host 10 WordPress website for only $100/month. You can receive up to 150,000 monthly Visits, 40GB disk and, 4TB of bandwidth.

AGENCY – $250/Month: A powerful deal for your next-level business that has the ability to host 30 WordPress installs. This plan offers 600,000 monthly visits, 120GB disk and, 8TB bandwidth.

Yearly Bulk Site Plans (Get Discount)

With yearly plans, You get all the features that you get with the monthly plan but you will get a discount when paid yearly.

Here is the yearly pricing for single site

  • TINY – $14/Month (Billed at $165/year) – Discount $15
  • PERSONAL – 28/Month (Billed at $330/year) – Discount $30
  • PROFESSIONAL – $69/Month (Billed at $825/year) Discount $75

Yearly bulk plans – Lots of installs, great for resellers

  • FREELANCE $92/Month (Billed at $1100/year) – Discount $100
  • AGENCY $229/Month (Billed at $2750/year) – Discount $250

Our Verdict – Flywheel Affordable and The Best Hosted WordPress solution

The flywheel is one of the best-Managed Host for WordPress bloggers and professional developers. It has some great features and very affordable hosting plans.

  • Free Site Migration: They will migrate your sites to Flywheel (for free!)
  • SITE CLONING: Take a copy of a production site and recreate it as a new site to make small changes quickly. Don’t start from scratch save time.
  • BLUEPRINTS: Package up common themes and plugins as starter sets for future projects.
  • STAGING: Make changes to your live site without the stress, then push changes to production with a single click.
  • LOCAL Development Tool: A free tool to Build WordPress sites locally.
  • BLAZING FAST SPEEDS: Speed of website really matters. With FlyWheel, you will get crazy fast load times right out of the box.
  • NIGHTLY BACKUPS: Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night, with the option of a one-click restore.

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