How to Start a Blog for Free in 2023 – 5 Best Blogging Sites

Now a days almost everyone has a blog or love to read blogs, If you have not started your own blog, start today. In this article, You can find a list of 5 best blogging websites and you don’t need to pay a single penny to launch your blog.

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Wondering how to start a blog free, In this article, We are going to share 5 best sites to start a blog for free.


To put your ideas into impactful words is one of the most brilliant and also the simplest way to inspire. Words can instill emotions, spur action or simply help give a voice to the great minds of our world.

If you feel that your ideas should reach the rest of the world, then writing a blog is the easiest way to do so. A blog is a website that is your own personal space. In simple words, blog is your online diary.

Before start a blog read: 37 proven tactics: how to launch blog successfully & increase traffic

You can use it to express ideas in the form of text, images or videos. Here are some places which can help you get started on your blog, that too for free!


This is by far the most preferred blogging website for many users, be it starters and amateurs to even big companies such as TED and CNN. The helpful templates of WordPress allow for users to choose from thousands of options each more chic, professional and crisp from the other.

Create a free blog at
Create a free blog at

Wondering, What is WordPress, It is the most popular CMS to build websites and blogs. There are two main websites and

  • At, You can start a free blog and you don’t need to know anything technical.

  • At, You can download the software to host a website at your own servers, but you need to know some technical things and it is not free, You will have to buy webhosting and a domain name.

If not choosing from the available free and premium themes, then you can design your own themes. HTML, CSS, and basic knowledge of PHP is required to create WordPrsss themes.

This blogging platform allows for optimal social sharing and has built in secure servers that have been made to handle even the toughest of traffic spikes on your website.

Its algorithms provide you accurate feedback on your viewership and site’s performance. Moreover, it molds well into any device platform, be it smartphones or tablets, your domain interface is optimized accordingly.

Hundreds of free and premium themes available for both and sites, as a beginenr, You should start a blog at, choose a free theme and start publishing great content. Follow these Writing tips to publish great content on your blog.

Once your blog start getting traffic, You can buy a custom domain for your blog and upgrade to a premium plan as well. And remember, it is always possible to move your blog from to

Such rich quality of blogs can only put you in the mood for some equally exciting quality of music. So, take a break from blogging and enjoy the music here!

2. Tumblr

With the growing popularity of Tumblr, you can ride the wave and get started on your first blog post on Tumblr’s blogging platform. It is extremely easy to start your blog on Tumblr.

How To Start A Blog For Free In 2023 – 5 Best Blogging Sites Tumblr
Best Blogging Sites Tumblr

What makes it even more exciting is that it has built in layouts and embedded flash players so you can enhance your blog by adding videos or music to it.

You can even have keywords attached with your blog so that viewers find it easier to locate your blog should they be looking for related themes.

Tumblr lets you publish seven post types. Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, and Video. It means, You can publish any type of content you love.

You can customize how your final blog page looks like to make it suit your content as well as your personality. If visually appealing and a large fan following is what you’re looking for, then Tumblr is the way to go.

3. Wix.

When looking for an enhanced blogging experience, together with the support of a specially curated artificial intelligence that closely monitors your needs, you cannot go wrong with Wix.

create free website at wix
create free website at wix

This web creating website allows its users to create spellbinding, sophisticated and stylish websites with easy user interface and countless templates. Its artificial intelligence platform, called Wix ADI is perhaps its biggest USP.

Through a combination of endless images, templates and text options, you are surely on your way to an exhilarating blogging experience, both for your viewers and yourself.

The recommendation of millions of users from over 180 countries is enough validation you may need for getting started on Wix for your blogging fix!

4. Blogger BlogSpot

Powered by Google, this blogging website is here to help you share your passion and earn while you’re at it. The step by step way to creating blogs helps people to get amazing technological assistance. start blogging for money start blogging now

Choose from over thousand templates that are all customizable, or you even have the liberty to design your own. You can obtain a free domain address, however, for a personalized one you would have to purchase it.

The best part of being backed by Google is that you enjoy its amazing technological features. Google AdSense can help you earn money by displaying appropriate ads on your blog automatically!

You can even link your blog to Google Analytics for a detailed account of your visitor activity- where your largest audience is located and which posts have garnered the maximum receptivity. turns your blogging dreams into a beautiful reality.

5. Medium is yet another brilliant platform for you to share with the world some incredibly great ideas. It is easy to use, extremely impactful and can be customized to have a chic look.

Evan Williams is the founder of Medium, Williams was previously chairman and CEO of Twitter, one of the top ten websites on the Internet.

Medium - blogging site
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Medium makes writing process very simple and easy. You can publsih content using Android, iOS apps or publish content from your desktop. Thousands of people publish great content on Medium, so you will never get bored.

While getting on this blogging platform, you would be sharing the space with countless experts in their fields that are also making an impact through words, one at a time. Take a moment to bring your passion to life through the activity of blogging on

Final Words

These are 5 best websites to start a blog for free. Here are some good things about above mentioned blogging sites.

  • All these blogsging sites allows you to buy and use custom domain names.
  • You can change design of your blog with free themes and templates.
  • With blogger, you can also earn money from your blog
  • Medium does not allow you to install custom themes/templates.
  • To earn money on, You will have to upgrade to a premium plan.

These are some best blogging websites, Now it’s your turn t choose any of the above mentioned websites and start publishing great content.

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