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MilesWeb offers cheap hosting solution for Indian customers to host WordPress, Magneto sites. Shared, VPS and Re-seller plans are available.

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Are you thinking of taking your business online?

Now, it is the perfect time to do so.

People are getting digital and thus, your business should also. From kids to baby boomers, everyone spends at-least 2-hours of their daily time on social media. Thus, the chances are very high that your audience can be found online easily.

Taking business online helps you to form a brand globally and also it can generate leads for you. People sharing the same interests as yours can be found and targeted online to catch their attention. So, if you are taking a business online then let’s get started.

To start any business online, you need to have a website. After that, you need to have a domain name.

The domain name is a name used to identify your business. Or we can say, it is the name of your company.

For example:,, etc.

Developing a website is just the first step. After that to make the developed website accessible on the internet, you need to host it. That means you need to search for a best hosting partner.

To know more about Domain and Hosting watch this video.

I think MilesWeb will be a good choice for you.


Because they provide you a free domain name!!!

Yes, that means, your website can be hosted within minutes with MilesWeb.

Let’s see how :

MilesWeb’s Swift Plan :

With the Swift plan, MilesWeb offers you a free .COM domain for lifetime. That means you don’t need to spend anything extra for hosting and domain.

Other features of Swift plan are :

  • Host 1 website
  • Unlimited SSD disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • cPanel+ Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited Email accounts

MilesWeb’s Turbo plan :

With the Turbo plan also, you get a free .COM domain as long as you remain associated with MilesWeb.

The major difference between these two plans is: Turbo allows you to host unlimited websites.

MilesWeb offers you endless hosting benefits and some of them are :

1) Free SSL certificate :

To protect the data transaction your website must have an SSL certificate. Now, Google also considers, SSL as one of the important factors for a site to perform better.

2) Pure SSD storage :

MilesWeb servers are powered with SSD drives that operate your website to work at blazing fast speed. SSD storage increases the site’s performance by 20x than that of spinning drives.

3) 1-click installer :

1-click installer allows you to install over 400 applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and much more.

4) Free Website Builder :

Do you know you can create your own website that too without any technical knowledge?

Well, this website builder tool from MilesWeb, allows you to do so. It’s just a pick and drop tool, where you just need to select a theme and drop your content in it. You can save money by avoiding the website developer’s cost, and just use a website builder instead.

5) Website Backup and Restore :

All of us know the importance of data. It can be lost due to any reason, may it be electricity shutdown, abrupt machine problem, or any natural calamity problems. Thus, MilesWeb takes the responsibility of securing your data by providing website backup and restore option.

6) Built-in Page Caching :

Every visitor coming to your site expects faster page loading, which can be achieved by APC, xCache, and OpCache.

7) Latest PHP and MySQL :

You don’t need to worry about the latest version of software coming. MilesWeb will automatically install all the latest updates in PHP and MySQL to your site as soon as they are released. This also ensures a stable and secure environment for your site.

8) Data Center Choice :

It is better to have a data-center nearer to the targeted audience location. The server location plays an important role while reaching out to certain geographical regions. MilesWeb allows you to pick up the preferred server location during the signup process.

9) SSH Access (jailed) :

MilesWeb provides SSH root access with basic shell commands and its usage is restricted to a particular user account only.

You can ask for help for any of such features or other hosting related issues to their customer service team at any-point of time.

Are you confused about which hosting type to choose?

Let’s make it easy for you. MilesWeb provides all hosting types of hosting like Shared, Reseller Hosting, VPS, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Email Hosting. Every hosting plan comes with all the features explained above, ensuring you are secure no matter which plan you choose.

How would you choose a hosting type?

Shared Hosting 

If you are just starting your online journey and also the business is new, then Shared hosting is a best choice for you. You can start with the Tyro plan which costs you just ₹60/month.

After that when the business starts progressing and traffic gets increased, you can either shift to Swift or Turbo plan.

Milesweb Shared Hosting
MilesWeb Shared Hosting

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting 

Reseller hosting is a best choice, if you want to start your own web hosting business. You get 100% white labeled hosting with MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans.

MilesWeb offers you various choices such as cPanel reseller hosting, unlimited Linux reseller, cheap Windows reseller and unlimited Windows reseller.


If you have a well settled business with thousands of visitors coming to your site on daily basis, then VPS hosting can make you stand still in the market. In VPS hosting, you get options of Linux VPS, Windows VPS and Dedicated Server.

Though Dedicated and VPS are different types, you can select them according to your requirements. 

Cloud Hosting:

For the medium and large scale businesses, Cloud hosting is the best option. 

Important benefits of cloud hosting are :

(i) Pay-as-use

Unlike other types of hosting, where you need to select a prepared plan with certain hosting resources, in Cloud hosting, you can use resources as per the requirements. If you think, during certain occasion the traffic to your website is more, then you can upscale the resources and on the other hand during low traffic time, you can also down scale resources. And most importantly, you need to pay only for the resources that are used by you. 

(ii) Handles heavy traffic

Cloud hosting handles heavy traffic with ease. Horizontal and Vertical scaling can easily handle any amount of traffic coming to your site, providing it high uptime.

MilesWeb Magento Hosting 

MilesWeb offers you the superfast performance by deploying the Magento site on LiteMage. This ensures that your Magento store’s pages are served quickly without any interruption.
MilesWeb’s Magento Hosting features are as below:

  • Redis Backend and Session Cache.
  • Optimized Server.
  • CloudFlare CDN + Railgun
  • Free Magento Installation
  • Magento Consultancy

WordPress hosting

In case you already have a WordPress website or want to develop one, then you will definitely need WordPress hosting. In WordPress hosting also, with the Heart and Diamond plan, you get a free domain. 

WordPress hosting plans are :

Milesweb WordPress Hosting
Milesweb WordPress Hosting

  Benefits of MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting are :

(i) Fully managed WordPress 

MilesWeb is well-known for the optimized WordPress hosting, where they take care of the heavy lifting server management task so that you can focus on your primary business.

(ii) Free WordPress migration 

If you are not happy with your current WordPress hosting provider then shift to MilesWeb now. Their team takes complete responsibility of migrating your site to MilesWeb’s server without any downtime and data loss. 

(iii) Automatic WordPress Update 

MilesWeb experts keep a track on the newly released WordPress updates and automatically upgrade it for your use. 

WordPress hosting consists of exclusive features like :

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS by default
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress support
  • Daily Backups
  • CDN
  • Cloning
  • Server-side optimizations
  • Caching

Don’t you think these features are mind-blowing?

What does MilesWeb commit?

3 pillars are their commitments :

1) 24/7/365 days technical support.

2) 99.95% Uptime

3) 30-days money back guarantee.

Wrapping Up

From all the above hosting plans and features, I can say, if you are looking for an affordable and trusted web hosting partner then MilesWeb is all you need. You can literally check their plans with other providers before buying. For more information and help visit MilesWeb site.

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