How to optimize your WooCommerce product pages

A good product page helps buyers to see all the important info about the product. An optimized page can boost your revenue.

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So you’ve set up a WooCommerce website and are ready to get sales.

But wait. You aren’t getting sales as expected.

What’s wrong?

There can be four major reasons for people not buying from a WooCommerce store:

  1. The product pages are not optimized: Product page is the most important page of your store. It can make or break a sale. Optimizing your WooCommerce product page can greatly improve conversion rates.
  2. The wrong market is being targeted: When the right individuals are not seeing the products, then the sales will not happen. It is important to understand the target market and create suitable marketing strategies so that customers respond, and sales take place.
  3. The products are not marketed correctly: No matter how good the product is for however large a social media following, there is a need for putting in marketing efforts for selling the product. There has to be an attractive marketing campaign along with sales pitch to build brand awareness. The main idea is to convince the target market that the offered product is amazing. The customers should be made aware of why they should purchase the specific product.
  4. The products are not accessible: A few times the largest issue that new WooCommerce stores experience is not a marketing problem but a technical one. It might be due to the poor design of the webpage where the clients User experience is compromised or, there is lack of responsiveness.

We’ll be focusing on first reason and how we can solve it?

Product pages play a very important role in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The product page plays an important role in the CRO not only because it gives information to customers regarding the products and encourages them to buy from the website, it is also significant as it will be useful with search engine ranking and it would bring a greater number of customers to the webpage.

It acts as a salesperson for the goods and services offered. When an individual cannot be there in person then the product page does the job.

What is WooCommerce product page optimization?

Each business whether large, medium or small requires optimization because the project page optimization is an important marketing channel.

93% of online experiences begin with any search engine and 75% of those people do not go beyond the first result of the search. So, to generate more traffic for the WooCommerce store there is a need for the optimisation of the product page.

To beat the competition from other pages with similar products, it is essential for product page optimization so that it appears at the top when a product is searched for.

Best practices for your WooCommerce Product page layout

There are five things you need to take care of while optimizing a product page.

  • Clear & Informative Product Images
  • Helpful product description
  • Product demo videos
  • Clear CTA’s
  • Display customer reviews and ratings

Let’s discuss each of them in detail. Clear & Informative Product Images

The first and foremost thing you need to take care of on a product pages is the product image. The product might be correct, but in case the pictures are off then the sales will suffer.

Product images have high value therefore it is recommended that adequate resources are put up into achieving the supreme quality images clarity and information.

The product description should be effective including a small and a long section. The small section is to scan pages quickly whereas longer suction gives more detail and information.

Amazon does it amazingly.

Amazon displays high quality images
Use high quality images

There are three kinds of product images utilised in WooCommerce for various locations and goals. These are the product thumbnails, catalogue images and single product images.

The product image would include the key image of the product and is utilized in various sizes all over the store.

Good product image would have options where all the colors can be displayed and when the user clicks on any preferred color than the image changes. An example of such an image is shown below. It’s from Amazon.

So how to take good product pictures?

Buyers wish for product photos that are big, very comprehensive, and capable of being zoomed in on. This may appear to be impractical if the seller’s mission is to decrease the file sizes.

A lot of applications and web pages provide web-ready firmness for the seller’s photos, permitting to compress the files while maintaining their quality. Numerous of these applications have turned to be so competent that an inexperienced eyes unable to find the distinction among compacted and uncompacted pictures.

Plugins for optimizing product images

There are various WordPress plugins and hosted services accessible to optimise the image. is a free image optimization plugin. It uses several advanced algorithms for image size reduction. You can upload files upto 5MB and it accepts almost all formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Page load speed can be decreased by image optimization and EWWW Image Optimizer does just that. It automatically optimizes the images that you upload in the CMS, but you can also use it optimize preloaded images.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

This plugin can help users optimize JPEG and PNG pictures. This plugin has an automatic option of optimizing new images when uploaded. There is advanced background Optimization for enhancing the speed of the workflow.

It also provides an opportunity to optimise each image which already exists in the Media Library. This plugin is useful for easy bulk Optimisation. It also supports the compression of Animated pictures along with a multi-site support by using single API key.

Helpful product description

The product description has to be clear and informative, which will help visitors understand the product better. The page must be persuasive showing the best offers with clear explanation of the product and its usage. A primary keyword needs to be included for helping in SEO, where one remains as concise as possible.

Keep information such as bank offers, cashbacks, discounts etc. in the description so that visitors are enticed to make decisions faster. Also, to take out the anticipation part, clearly mention the expected delivery date. Below is an example from Flipkart:

Write a Good product description

So how to write a good product description?

The key to writing a good product description would involve knowing the target audience and focusing on the product benefits. It is important to tell the entire story and usage of natural language and tone is crucial. The keywords for power words should be utilised which make the product sell.

The description should be scannable and therefore it would help the buyer to get the exact information which he is looking for. The buyer should not need to sift through other pieces of information.

The description of product must be easy to read, by including short paragraphs, bullet points, little sentences, lots of white space and various size fonts. The search has to be carried out for keywords so that those keywords are utilised for SEO.

Finally, there must be use of good image which is appealing to the buyer.

You can use tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway editor, as these provide with facility to write without any errors and goof-ups.

Product demo videos

Product demo videos are important as it assists extraordinarily with visitors. Showing how the product actually works greatly increases the chances of sale.

‘Show, don’t tell’ at its finest.

May it be a physical or a digital product, showing a demo video is the best way to explain what you’re selling.

There are multiple tools available for making product demos, such as:

Clear Call to Actions

The clear call-to-action buttons give the opportunity to encourage the page audience to take real steps to become a customer. It can be the decisive aspect between a lead and a translation.

CTA's arevery important
CTA is very important

A call to action is the final stroke on any kind of content. The correct CTA at just the right moment can persuade the individual in the right path, closing the translation and preferably bringing a loyal client. Here’s a good example of a clear CTA from Porter & York.

They have a CTA which is almost impossible to miss. The vibrant blue colour of CTA button makes it stand apart. A good CTA with beautiful product pictures is a win-win.

Display customer reviews and ratings

Social proof is a key criteria that influences the purchase decision. Product ratings and reviews give shoppers a peek into the quality of the product. You should encourage verified customers to leave ratings and reviews on the website. It’s okay if you receive a few negative reviews for your products. This will perceive your brand as dependable.

See how amazon does it.

customer reviews matter
customer reviews matter

A/B test your WooCommerce product pages

Now that you’ve optimized your WooCommerce product pages by following all the ways mentioned above.

How do you know what’s working and what isn’t?

Here’s where A/B testing comes into play.

A/B testing is also known as Bucket Testing or Split testing. It is an experiment conducted for comparing two different versions of web pages (product pages in our case)

It’s a method used for website optimization that lets you compare two different versions of the product pages by using live traffic.

There are many A/B testing tools available that you can use to narrow down to the best possible version of your product pages.


Now you know how to optimize the product pages of your WooCommerce store. The optimization task is not difficult, just follow the basic concepts mentioned above.

First impression is the name of the game. It’s very important that your visitors like your product pages at a first glance.

So, go ahead and optimize your website to boost conversion rates.

Know more ways to optimize WooCommerce product pages? Share with us in the comment section below.

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