6 Proven Methods To Make Your Blog Popular (Number 2 Is Our Favourite)

In this blog post, You will learn about 6 proven methods to promote your blog and make it popular without spending hundreds of dollars.

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WordPress, being a powerful blogging platform, thousands of people start a WordPress blog every day – whether it’s on your own web server or your own free WordPress.com blog.

There are many bloggers that give up after a few months just because their blog isn’t so popular as they desired it to be and don’t get enough comments.

Simply building a blog and expecting the visitors doesn’t apply to blogs. It cannot be done overnight and yes, it’s not easy if you are new in the business but if you are hard working and are willing to learn and adapt you’ll surely get success.

How To Promote Your Blog Like A Pro

Let’s check out a few strategies you can adopt to make your blog more popular without making any technical changes:

1. Customise Your Blog Design

It’s very important to have a unique and interesting blog design. When someone visits your blog, the first thing which may impress them is the design of your blog.

And this will determine the amount of time the visitors will spend browsing your blog. If your blog is having a creepy design, no one will like to visit and stay on it.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available for WordPress to create beautiful websites and blogs. jupiter is a very popular and one of the fastest WordPress theme, lets you create a beautiful looking blog.

2. Become A Guest Blogger On Popular Blogs

Famous blogs like ProBlogger, Lifehacker, TechCrunch just to name a few, give a chance to the new bloggers to get noticed through guest blogging.

This is a great opportunity and shouldn’t be missed. The content you post should be related to the niche, you can’t just post anything you like! It is required that you prove your worth.

One blog post on some of these popular blogs can get you huge amount of traffic. Writing guest posts for popular blogs is a great way to get noticed among the community bloggers and drive more traffic to your blog.

Guest Blogging Tips Infographic
Guest Blogging Tips Infographic by Incubate.com

To learn more about Guest Blogging, You can read this in-depth post about guest blogging at KissMetrics blog.

You can also find a hude list of 300+ guest blogging websites at Solvid blog.

Don’t forget to optimise your bio, when writing guest posts for other blogs. Offer something Irresistible and exciting to download. See point 4 for more details.

3. Join The Blogging Community

There are various popular blogging communities. Bloggers constantly check out these communities for networking and latest information.

You can submit your blog to such communities and it’s better to stick with the ones which are really popular and have a good ranking on the Google’s search engine results page.

You can find a lot of blogging groups at Google+, Facebook, and Reddit. Join some groups and share awesome stuff.

4. Offer The Visitors Something To Download

Who doesn’t love free stuff? This is a nice way to gain readership and make your blog famous by giving away some free stuff to the visitors.

It can be anything from a WordPress theme, an eBook, a free online class or some popular tools.

Remember, the stuff you’re giving to users should be useful and worth downloading. Quality matters the most, if your stuff is really good, you’ll have more visitors on your blog.

For example, at JustLearnWP, we offer Free Blogging eBook when visitors join our newsletter.

For example, You can offer these 9 Irresistible Incentives, That’ll Grow Your Email List Like Crazy.

5. Engage With Your Readers And Encourage Comments

If any reader comments on your blog post, of course, they’ll be having something to say. It’s a good idea to reply your readers and keep them engaged.

This will foster a better relationship with your readers and let them come back, as well as make them more inclined to post and share your story on their social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Leverage Social media

Today, social media is the most used promotional channel to spread your blog posts on various channels. So, make the most of the social media by placing a “Share” button for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ networks on your blog.

There are many free and premium social sharing plugins available for WordPress and other blogging platforms.

If you make it easy for people to share your blogs and content with their network, they are more likely to do so. It’s easy to configure these social media buttons on your blog; including them, once you build your blog will pay off forever.

That’s all

Well, that’s it! Implementing these basic strategies, you can make simple WordPress blog popular and get more traffic than ever. Now you know, how to promote your blog, it’s time to Implement these strategies.

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