The Ultimate Collection of 34 WordPress Mobile Plugins To Make WordPress Mobile Friendly

According to StatCounter, 37% of website visits in 2015 were generated by mobile web browsers. At the end of 2015 the most popular browser was Chrome Mobile with 36.93% market share. Use these free and powerful plugins to optimize your site for small screen devices.

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You are a WordPress users and you want to Detect mobile device. WordPress mobile plugin can help you to easily detect the mobile device. I am going to list some most popular and best WordPress Mobile Plugins.

With these WordPress Mobile Plugins, You can find out what device (Android,iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc), Operating system (iOS,Android, Windows etc) and browser (OperaMini, Chrome etc) a visitor is using to visit your website.

You can display special messages and better content for all those visiting your website from Mobile device.

For example, you can provide small images optimized for mobile devices. You can hide/show content as well.

Optimze Site with WordPress Mobile Plugins
Optimze Site with WordPress Mobile Site Plugins

According to Statista, the overall number of mobile phone users reached 4.43 billion in 2015. This number is expected to grow to 4.61 billion in 2016 and 4.77 billion in 2017. Device Atlas

30+ Free and Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins

Here is a list of some best WordPress plugins to detect mobile devices. Most of these plugins were updated recently and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Ultimate List of Best WordPress Mobile plugins

1. WP Mobile Detector

WP Mobile Detector- WordPress Mobile Plugin

WP Mobile Detector is one of the Free & Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins, which automatically detects standard and advanced mobile devices and displays a compatible WordPress mobile theme for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows and other Phones.

It is one of the first WordPress mobile detect plugin, which can differentiate between a standard mobile phone and a smartphone.

This is an advanced WordPress plugin With advanced mobile statistics, image resizing, automatically formatted content, and detection of 5,000+ mobile phones, the WP Mobile Detector gives your mobile visitors an excellent experience.

WP Mobile Detector WordPress plugin offers an interactive theme editor which makes configuring your mobile website simple and easy.

11 fast and mobile friendly Themes available for all types of websites, blogs, corporate, e-commerce, and more!

Why you should optimize your website for small screen devices with these free WordPress Mobile Site Plugins

WordPress Mobile Site Plugins Google Search Trends
Consumer search with local intent Acroess devices: Image credit PowerSites

WP Mobile Detector Pro Features

A pro version is also available which offers more advance features.

  • Interactive Theme Editor
  • 12 Mobile Themes Included
  • Mobile Ads
  • Works on 5,000+ Devices
  • Automatic Detection
  • Device Differentiation
  • Automatic Formatting
  • Redirection
  • Advanced Mobile Statistics
  • Widget support
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Show desktop or mobile theme to tablets
  • Touch-optimized mobile themes
  • HTML 5 compliant
  • 5/5 for mobile readiness (
  • Multilingual support
  • Utilizes the Websitez mobile framework
  • Themes for blogs and corporate websites

Download WP Mobile Detector

2. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher - Free & Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins

Any Mobile Theme Switcher WordPress Plugin detects mobile browser and display the theme as the setting done from admin. This is very popular WordPress plugin to switch to Mobile Theme.

This plugin is compatible up to WordPress 4.3.3 and requires WordPress 3.0. or higher.

Detects all the Mobile Browsers and loads the mobile theme as per your settings done in admin. You can activate themes for following devices.

  • Iphone / Ipod
  • Ipad
  • Palm Os
  • Android
  • Android Tab
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • Opera Mini
  • Others Mobile Browsers

You can select a different mobile theme for each mobile browser. You can select different mobile themes for each of the options above.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro Features

  • Works With W3 Total Cache
  • Serve seprate home page for mobile devices.
  • QR code for mobile bookmarking.
  • Better Mobile Detection.
  • Click To Call to phone numbers

Download Any Mobile Theme Switcher
Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro

3. WP Mobile Detect

WP Mobile Detect is a free popular plugin by Jesse Friedman to detect mobile device. WP Mobile Detect plugin creates an easy way for the User Admin to control when content is shown or hidden based on visitor device or operating systems.

Wp Mobile Detect requires WordPress 2.8.4 or higher. With 10,000+ Active Installs it is one of the most popular and best WordPress plugin to detect mobile device.

One of the hardest parts of building Responsive WordPress themes is maintaining responsive integrity after the site goes live. Some times WordPress Administrator users can have limited or zero coding abilities which can prevent them from maintaining responsiveness in themes.

WP Mobile Detect free WordPress plugin makes it extremely easy and simple for anyone to wrap content in the editor with shortcodes which will hide content based on visitor device at the server level.

Download WP Mobile Detect

4. Equivalent Mobile Redirect

Equivalent Mobile Redirect - Free & Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins

Equivalent Mobile Redirect WordPress plugin is an easy way to detect and redirect mobile visitors to the equivalent page on your mobile site. Optionally you can redirect all mobile users to one mobile URL.

Equivalent Mobile Redirect WordPress mobile detect and redirect plugin can detect mobile devices and redirect the visitor to the equivalent mobile page/post as set in the metabox that is added to your page and post screens upon activation.

All the Options and necessary settings for redirecting blog index available in settings. You can also optionally override equivalent redirects and instead redirect all mobile users to one URL.


  • Unlimited possible page/post redirects
  • Set mobile URL in meta box on each page/post
  • Option to redirect blog index in settings
  • Option to override equivalent redirects and redirect all mobile users to one URL
  • Option to redirect tablets as mobile or not
  • Up to date mobile library
  • Google recommended 302 redirects for mobile
  • Option to let mobile visitors “View Full Site”
  • Built in support for custom post types
  • Compatible with multisite

Download Equivalent Mobile Redirect

5. AddFunc Mobile Detect

AddFunc Mobile Detect - Best WordPress Mobile Plugins Detect Mobile Device

AddFunc WordPress Mobile Detect plugin can redirects mobile traffic, allow visitors to opt back, optionally prevent redirection of WordPress’ parts (Post, Home, Tags, etc.) This free WordPress plugin uses Mobile Detect to redirect mobile traffic to your mobile website.

This free WordPressmobile detect plugin requires WordPress 3.0.1 or higher and is compatible up to WordPress 4.3.3.

This plugin adds a CSS class to the <body> ("mobile-detected") which help coders to write CSS styles specifically for mobile devices.

AddFunc Mobile Detect also lets you set cookies to remember which version of your website (desktop or mobile, usually) your visitors opted for (so it’s okay to set a link on your mobile site to view the desktop version).

It also offers Redirects on a page-by-page basis or options to NOT redirect basic parts of WordPress: the Front page (static), Pages, the “Home” page and others.

It also generate a widget to add a link back to your mobile site, which is only generated for mobile devices.

Download AddFunc Mobile Detect

6. Mobile Redirect Plus – Premium Plugin

RedirectPlus - WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin

This is a premium WordPress redirects plugins. Which offers some advanced settings fo different mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPads and others. Mobile Redirect Plus offers a simple settings page to detect mobile devices and redirect to the mobile site.

You can also choose whether or not to redirect tablets by enabling or disabling the check-box option. Also there are option for individual platform redirect like iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.

Redirect Plus – WordPress Mobile Redirect plugin also gives you the ability to redirect back for viewing full version website you will have to place a link “” in your mobile website for that.

Features of the WordPress Mobile Redirect Plus Plugin

  • Redirect all mobile and tablet device to mobile optimize URL
  • Redirect Full website Or Specific page which you want
  • Option to stop redirection for Tablet
  • Different URL option for iPad and Other tablet
  • Different URL option for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Redirect back to your main website from mobile optimized URL.

Buy Mobile Redirect Plus

7. azurecurve Mobile Detection

azurecurve Mobile Detection is a new WordPress mobile detection plugin, it requires WordPress 3.3 or higher. This free WordPress mobile detection plugin provides shortcodes and functions to allow different content to be served to different types of device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone).

With azurecurve Mobile Detection you can not only check types of device (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) but also mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, WebKit).

This free WordPress mobile detection plugin is multisite compatible and Uses PHP Mobile Detect class, the lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets), from

Avavilable Short codes

AzureCurve Mobile Detection has following shortcodes:

ismobile and isnotmobile
isphone and isnotphone
istablet and isnottablet
isios isiphone isipad
isandroid iswindowsphone/iswp

Mobile Browsers

With following shortcodes you can display better content and important messages for different browser users.

ischrome, isfirefox, isie, isopera, iswebkit, istv and isconsole

Download AzureCurve Mobile Detection

8. Mobile Device Detection by 51Degrees

Mobile Device Detection WordPress Plugin

The 51Degrees mobile device detection plugin is a free WordPress plugin to mobilize your site. It offers easy setup including mobile switcher, themes and administration tool. Mobile Device Detection requires WordPress 2.7 or higher.

WordPress Mobile Device Detection plugin includes a mobile device detector and switcher to select themes based on the type of device visiting your WordPress based website, a selection of mobile themes and an administration tool to allow easy, quick implementation.

Mobile Device Detection Features

  • Mobile detection and switcher
  • Easy to use administration tool for smartphones and tablets differently.
  • Selection of preinstalled mobile themes
  • Detects over 150,000 mobile device

Download Mobile Device Detection by 51Degrees

9. PHP Browser Detection

PHP Browser Detection is a WordPress browser detection plugin used to detect a visitors browser. As of Feb 2016 PHP browser detection has 4,000+ Active Installs.

This free plugin offers so many template tags which helps you to test specific browsers. With all these tags you can display content for specific browser.

PHP Browser Detection plugin can be used to send conditional CSS files for Internet Explorer, display different content or custom messages anywhere on the page, or to swap out Flash for an image for iPhones.

PHP Browser Detection

10. Mobile Device Detect Reloaded

Mobile Device Detect Reloaded Free & Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins

This WordPress mobile detection plugin allows you to redirect visitors (desktop, mobile) to a custom target URL, which can be specified in WordPress administration area.

Mobile Device Detect Reloaded NOW SUPPORTS WINDOWS PHONE as well. It requires WordPress 2.8 or higher.

WordPress Mobile Device Detect Reloaded Based on Matthias Reuter’s Mobile Device Detect Plugin, which was last updated 6 years ago.

WordPress Mobile Device Detect Reloaded plugin integrates the Detect Mobile Browsers (Open source mobile phone detection) script from to WordPress.

Download Mobile Device Detect Reloaded

11. AddFunc Adaptive Content

AddFunc Adaptive Content - Free & Best WordPress mobile site plugins

AddFunc Adaptive Content WordPress plugin requires WordPress 3 or higher. This plugin Adds functions, shortcodes & quicktags to empower WordPress users to have better control of when content is served, based on device.

AddFunc Adaptive Content uses Mobile Detect (a PHP script) to identify the WordPress blog or website website visitor’s device as either mobile, tablet or desktop, enabling you to allow or disallow content to be output.

You can use AddFunc Adaptive Content plugin to prevent large files such as images from outputting to devices that generally have a lower data transfer speed available to them (e.g. mobile devices).

AddFunc Adaptive Content

12. Mobile Smart

The Mobile Smart WordPress mobile detection plugin allows your WordPress site to switch your theme if a visitor is using a mobile device, plus adds template tags. This plugin requires 3.1 or higher.

Mobile Smart plugin uses trusty detection from the MobileESP project allows the following:

  • Switch your theme to a mobile-ready theme
  • Manual Switcher – to allow your user to manually switch between desktop and mobile versions.
  • Available in 3 versions: widget, option to automatically insert into footer, or template tag.
  • Image transcoding – rescale images to fit their device and more.

Mobile Smart Pro version is also available with more features including Domain switching , Mobile Pages, Mobile Menus, Mobile Widgets, Mobile Plugins and Mobile Home Page.

Download Mobile Smart

13. Mobile Detective

Mobile Detective is another free WordPress plugin used to detect information about the device used by the visitor. This is a new plugin requires WordPress 4.2 or higher.

WordPress webmasters can use “Mobile Detective” plugin to determine types of visitors’ devices. And according to the device type show actual information or redirect to a proper url.

Mobile Detective plugin can detects more than 150 different device types including PC/tablet/phone or OS.

Download Mobile Detective

14. Mobile Detect For CSS

Mobile Detect For CSS plugin add the CSS classes (desktop, handheld, mobile, tablet, ios, android) to BODY tag. Then you can apply CSS styles easily for all these devices.

Mobile Detect For CSS plugin is using the Mobile_Detect library from This plugin requires WordPress 2.8 or higher.

Here you can see screenshots

Mobile Detect For CSS Best WordPress mobile detection plugins

Download Mobile Detect For CSS

15. WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack - WordPress mobile site plugins

With 20,000+ Active Installs WordPress Mobile Pack is one of the most popular Free and Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugin. It is not simplemobile detection plugin it is much more than that.

The WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and repurposed to empower bloggers, publishers and other content creators to go beyond responsiveness and ‘amplify’ the content of their blog.

What the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ features:

  • Cross-platform mobile web applications
  • Responsive UI
  • Theming
  • Customize appearance with Themes
  • Post, pages and comments sync
  • Analytics and more

WordPress Mobile Pack requires WordPress 3.5 or higher. A pro version is also available with more advance features.

Download WordPress Mobile Pack

16. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition Best WordPress mobile site plugins

WP Mobile Edition is another popular and free WordPress mobile plugin. This plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or higher.

WP Mobile Edition is fully optimized for the best performance on smartphones. It is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

This simple and easy to use plugin has an Intuitive setting page which gives you complete control. WP Mobile Edition offers a Mobile Switcher and A standard mobile theme.

The mobile switcher automatically detects whether the visitor to the site is mobile or not, and switches between the primary WordPress theme (for desktop users) or loads a mobile theme.

Download WP Mobile Edition

17. MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin – Build your native iPhone app and Android App

MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin WordPress mobile site plugins

With this free MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin, you can easily publish iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps for your blog or news site.

This free WordPress plugin requires WordPress 3.5 or higher.

With MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin you can convert your WordPress blog or news site into a native mobile app for iOS (iPhone app and iPad app included) and Android phones and tablets.

After Installing MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin you can customize your mobile app, preview it online or see how it works on your own device. When you are ready to share your app with your readers, you can sign up to one of MobiLoud’s pricing plans starting from $49/month.

MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin Features

What you get with MobiLoud
– Automatic content updates
– Full customization of your mobile app’s style
– App that works on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
– Effortless push notifications
– Mobile advertising and monetization
– One-tap commenting
– Easy social sharing
– Full Support for Google Analytics — Keep track of traffic
– and more

How to turn WordPress into a Mobile App with MobiLoud Mobile App plugin

  1. Install and Activate the plugin
  2. Customize your mobile app and test it on your own device
  3. Preview your mobile app
  4. Sign Up for one of our plans
  5. publish your app

Download MobiLoud Mobile App Plugin

18. Duda Mobile Website Builder

Duda Mobile Website Builder Best WordPressmobileplugins free

This is another one of the most popular and best mobile plugin for WordPress with 10,000+ active installs. Duda Mobile Website Builder requires WordPress 3.0 or higher.

This is one the simplest mobile website builder for WordPress. Over 5 million sites have already been made mobile with DudaMobile.

With DudaMobile mobile website builder WordPress plugin you can easily create easy to access mobile-friendly version of your WordPress website.

Download Duda Mobile Website Builder

19. Welcome! Mobile

Welcome Mobile WordPressmobile detection plugin will display a welcome message to users browsing your website on smartphones.

This is a new plugin currently has 20+ install as of Feb 2016. This plugin requires WordPress 3.5 or higher.

This free plugin lets you choose between Android and iOS or you can use a default message for all mobile platforms. It allows you to either use built-in visual editor or output your own HTML code.

When a visitor will click the close button, Welcome! Mobile will store the cookie locally on users computer. Message will not be visible unless the cookie expires or gets deleted.

Download Welcome! Mobile

20. sxss Mobile

sxss Mobile is another new plugin to optimize your website for mobile devices. This plugin requires WordPress 3.4 or higher.

sxss Mobile lets you Detect if a visitor uses a mobile device (Android,iPhone etc) and changes the actual theme to a special theme optimized for mobile devices (phones, tablets etc.).

You can choose the layout, your menus and even customize the colors and you don’t have to change the code of your standard WordPress theme.

Download sxss Mobile

21. Simple Mobile URL Redirect

With 9000+ active installs Simple Mobile URL Redirect is one of the most popular and Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins. it requires WordPress 3.4 or higher.

If you are using a separate website URL for your mobile content. Simply put in the full path URL and you are ready to send users to your mobile-only content.

Download Simple Mobile URL Redirect

22. Advanced Mobile Redirect

Advanced Mobile Redirect requires WordPress 3.9 or higher. This plugin allows you to put in a full path URL to redirect various mobile traffic with GEO-targeting and Device specific targeting.

This is an Advanced Mobile Redirect Plugin for those WordPress admin/developers who use a various URL for mobile devices with GEO-targeting and Device specific targeting.

Simply put your redirect URL, enable it with the check-box and you are ready to send users to your mobile-only content.

Download Advanced Mobile Redirect

23. Mobble

Mobble Best WordPress mobile site plugins

With 10000+ active installs, we can add Mobble in most popular and Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins. It requires WordPress 3.0 or higher.

This free and popular plugin provides conditional functions for detecting a variety of mobile devices & tablets. Perfect accompaniment to CSS Media Queries.

Mobble provides mobile related conditional functions for your site. e.g. is_iphone(), is_mobile() and is_tablet().

Mobble can also add device information to the body class of your theme allowing you to easily target your CSS for different gadgets.

Download Mobble

24. WP Mobile Redirect

WP Mobile Redirecthas 1000+ active install and it requires WordPress 3.1 or higher.

You can detect mobile device and redirect visitors to mobile optimize version of your website. You can also choose whether or not to redirect tablets by enabling or disabling the check-box option.

This plugin also gives you the ability to redirect back for viewing full version website. you will have to place a link “” in your mobile website for that.

Download WP Mobile Redirect

25. WP-Mobily

WP-Mobily requires WordPress 2.0 or higher. With this free plugin you can select your Mobile-Theme, only for Mobile Device’s including Ipod – Iphone, Ipad, Android & Android Tab.

Download WP-Mobily

26. Worona – Native Mobile App for free (iOS & Android)

Turn your WordPress site into an App for free

If you want to turn your WordPress website into an iOS or Android APP,this free plugin can help you. It is an up to date plugin which requires WordPress 3.9 or higher.

Worona is divided into 2 different parts: the WordPress plugin itself, which prepares the content of your WordPress site to be sent to the app, and the native app coded using Corona SDK.

Worona Native Mobile App for free (iOS & Android) plugin takes all the posts from your site, and presents them into an app.

Worona WordPress plugin is free but If you’re planning to publish your App you’ll need an iOS developer Account ($99 / year) and a Google Developer Account ($35).

Download Worona – Native Mobile App for free (iOS & Android)

27. Multi Device Switcher

With 30,000+ active install this Multi Device Switcher is one of the most popular and Best WordPress Mobile Detection Plugins which requires WordPress 3.4 or higher.

Multi Device Switcher WordPress plugin allows you to set a separate theme for device (Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Game and custom).


  • Set a separate theme for device (Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Game), switches to selected theme.
  • Add every device by the Custom Switcher.
  • Add links ‘Mobile’ or ‘PC’ in the theme by the PC Switcher, switch to the default theme.
  • Switch the content of the post or page for each device by the Display Switcher Shortcode.
  • Disable the switching of the theme for each url by the Disable Switcher.
  • Can be using is_multi_device() function that detect of the device.
  • Multi Device Switcher Command command-line tool (required WP-CLI)

Download Multi Device Switcher

28. WPapptouch

WPapptouch is a WordPress plugin & theme to transform your WordPress website to a Native like application for mobile. It requires WordPress 2.8 or higher.

Download WPapptouch

29. Mobile Theme

This plugin switches the current theme to the mobile one when it detects a mobile device.

Free WordPress Mobile Theme plugin requires WordPress 3.5 or higher.

Download Mobile Theme

30. Device Theme Switcher

Device Theme Switcher is a WordPress plugin which delivers one of your WordPress themes to handheld visitors and another theme to tablet visitors. Computer visitors are given the active theme in ‘Appearance > Themes’.

Device Theme Switcher requires WordPress 3.0 or higher it has 5000+ active installs.

Download Device Theme Switcher

31. WordPress for Android

Android is most popular OS and WordPress has an official Android App. With this App you can Post on the Go, no need to use your laptop or PC. Publish blog post from anywhere around the globe. You can also view your blog stats and Push Notifications lets you keep up with your site’s activity, even when away from your desk.

Download WordPress Android APP

32. WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS is quite similar to the previous APP in our list, the only major difference is that this one is aimed at satisfying iPhone and iPad users. You can create, edit and publish posts, moderate comments, view site stats via this APP.

Download WordPress iOS APP

33. WiziApp – All in One mobile suite (HTML5 WebApp & Native iPhone / Android Apps)

WiziApp is another WordPress plugin to create stunning mobile Apps in minutes. It is fully customizable WordPress plugin. Which offers unlimited push notification and Advanced mobile user engagement.

This plugin requires WordPress 3.3 or higher.

WiziApp Features & Benefits

  • Notify your audience about new content by sending push notifications
  • Your readers can now download an Offline version of your content to their mobile device
  • Use your own responsive theme or choose from one of our dedicated mobile themes.
  • Analyze your mobile app stats with Google Analytics
  • Add a Mobile sharing toolbar for each post (facebook, sms, mail, twitter, whatsapp)
  • Customize every aspect of your app, theme, menu & CSS, using a powerful but friendly easy to use wizard.
  • No download limits and No push notifications limits!
  • Compatible with Woocommerce and BuddyPress

Download WiziApp

34. WordApp Mobile App: iPhone & Android

Mobile App Plugin iPhone & Android turn your WordPress website into a Mobile app & mobile website. This free plugin is WooCommerce & BuddyPress Compatible. It requires WordPress 2.7 or higher.

WordApp Mobile App is Built by a community of mobile app geeks. You can upload Native mobile apps to Google Play and the iPhone App Store The mobile website is supported on iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS.

features :

  • Publish your mobile app to Google Play Store & Apple App Store.
    -Send push notifications when you want to update your users
  • Mobile web app for mobile browsers
  • Customise the menus & widgets for mobile only users
  • Monetize you mobile app with Adsense ads
  • Edit the CSS to create your own mobile theme
  • Compatible with BuddyPress and WooCommerce

Download WordApp

Final Words

We have listed 30+ free and Best WordPress Mobile Plugins. With these WordPress mobile site plugins, you can turn WordPress website into an Android or iOS App or display a separate theme to mobile visitors.

Most of these plugins are free. Which plugin do you use to optimize your website for mobile visitors. Share your views in comments.

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