Writing a Blog Post Like Pros: Your 5-Point Checklist to Rock a Perfect Post

When writing a blog post, make sure to follow these 5 points to craft a perfect blog post that your reader will love to read and share.

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Coming up with the perfect blog post isn’t easy. Ask any blogger around. Perfection is not an easy thing to accomplish when writing a blog post. What seems perfect to you might not be perfect to someone else.

Things to remember when writing a blog post?

However, there are qualities to that perfect blog post that apply to all bloggers. How do you come up with the ideal blog post? Below are 5 steps that you can follow to achieve this.

1. Create a Suitable Launch Pad

It’s necessary for you to have a proper launching pad for your blog and every new blog post on your blog. if you are planning to start a blog, don’t forget to read How To Launch A New Website: 20 Point Checklist

A good launching pad for each blog post contains the following 2 vital structures:

1. A Catchy Headline: Having a captivating headline is what will attract people to your post. It is what launches your post. Popular blog title formulas include

  • Figures: 15 Ways to Do Something.
  • List: 21+ Ways to Do Something That Will Yield a Certain Effect.
  • How to: How to Make Something to Produce Another.
write catchy headlines blog post titles to get more traffic
write catchy headlines blog post titles to get more traffic

We have written an in-depth blog post 180 Examples Of Catchy Headlines The Ultimate CheatSheet To Convince Readers to Read Your Awesome Blog Posts.

Use free tools like Sumo Headline Generator to create engaging and attention-grabbing headlines for your blog post.

Sumo Kickass Headline Generator for Increasing Conversions
Sumo Kickass Headline Generator for Increasing Conversions

Your headline should vividly describe the subject and the value proposition. You’ll have to incorporate your keywords and what your audience will get from your blog post.

Also, you can make use of the Free Headline Analyzer whenever you want assistance with your blog titles so that your posts get the most social media shares.

2. Attention Grabbing Introduction: How do you grab your reader’s attention with the introduction? Your headline and introduction are what attract readers to your post.

After completing your post, you can revisit the introduction to spice it up (once your full draft post is done).

Below are some tips on writing a good introduction:

  • Question: Pose a question to assist your readers to comprehend that the answer can be found in your post. Questions that begin with what and if will be suitable.
  • Value: You can share the value your readers will obtain from your post.
  • Fact: You can begin with an interesting fact about your blog’s content.

2. Come Up With the Draft Post

When it comes to blog writing, writing the draft first is one of the most important things. Before proceeding to the next step after writing the draft, you need to remember the following:

1. Write The Outline Of Your Blog Post

These outlines help you deal with every detail so that you publish content that will address the challenges that your readers will have with the topic. Outlines also ensure that you don’t overlook anything.

2. Write All Of Your Blog Post Content

Writing good content begins with having a great idea, then planning carefully and carrying out a thorough research. This is, however, the most time-consuming step. The more detailed you are with the outline, the easier the writing will be.

3. Check The Visual Appearance Of Your Post

You should always keep in mind the number of characters used at the beginning so that you don’t overwhelm your readers. The fewer the characters, the easier it will be for them to understand.

You can read this post to learn How to Write the Stunning Blog Posts.

To address this, begin by using fewer characters per line. You can increase them as you continue with the post. Remember to start your posts with short sentences and paragraphs for the sake of your readers.

4. Look at Your blog’s Logic And Conclusion

Run your post through another person so that you can get an alternative opinion. This will enable the smooth flow of your blog post from the introduction to the end.

If there’s no one else to assist you, put your blog post aside for a while, probably for a day, and then go through it. On the other hand, conclusions are mostly considered to be not as important as catchy headlines and the introduction.

A good conclusion should be a recap of what you said and also offer a resolution to the problem.

3. Whip the Draft Into Shape

Now that you’re in possession of the draft, what do you do next? This is the stage where you turn the draft into a magnificent piece of writing.

1‚. Ensure Your Post Matches Your Style Guide

It’s not a must for every blog to have a style guide. Even if you’re blogging as a team, a style guide is important for you to ensure that posts for your blog are the same.

2. Proofreading: Here, the most common things considered include grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. There are several things to look out for in the final edit.

Use Grammarly to check and fix spelling and grammar mistakes. You can install free Grammarly extension for Google Chrome, It is also available for Microsoft Word.

check grammar and spelling mistakes witg Grammarly free app
check grammar and spelling mistakes witg Grammarly free add-on for Chrome and Widnows

3. Keyword: Is the keyword included in the headline and page title? Do the sentences contain about 20 words. Read this in-depth blog post to learn SEO For WordPress: How To Make WordPress Site SEO Friendly

4. Come Up With Associated Content: These are minor bits of content that accompany blog posts, and these should be made after completing your post.

Use images in your blog post and never ever forget to optimize/compress your images to improve to speed/performance of your blog. https://tinypng.com/ is a free image optimization service to compress up to 20 images at once. Maximum file is for each image is 5 MB.

5. Giveaway Content: There are several methods of creating bonus content that your readers will adore:

  • Go through additional content types like checklists, guides, and infographics. What will be the best option for you?

  • Produce the content as a document that can be edited. This will enable your readers to apply the advice given immediately.

6. Generate Social Media Posts

Upon completion of your post and it’s ready to publish, you’ll have several graphics and quotes that you can utilize from your social media messages.

There are many free online tools available for creating unique messages for your blog post that usually publish instantly once the post is published.

Pablo by Buffer is a free online service to create eye-catching images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your blog posts.

Install social media plugins for WordPress. There are many free and premium WordPress social sharing plugins available.

5. Publish then Promote

After completing the above 4 steps, it’s now time to publish your content. Content promotion entails:

  • Sharing it to your email list
  • Share your post on social media (twitter, facebook etc)
  • Participating in social media conversations and also in the comments segment.

Elna Cain has written a great Cheat Sheet for bloggers, in this post she explains how popular blogegrs write awesome content everytime.


There you have it. This 5 point checklist will go a long way in assisting you to come up with the perfect post that will attract readers to your blog and in turn make you one of the best bloggers if not the best!

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