How to Use Browser Push Notifications to Boost E-Commerce Sales?

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The browser push notifications are leveraging significantly in boosting cart returns and to generate revenue. Sending push notifications to help people to check out about the product pages and take people back to the store to keep shopping. Let’s have a look at the power of browser push notifications and its benefits to grow your business in today’s post.

Why browser push notifications?

Browser push notifications help in increasing the conversion rate of your e-commerce sites. It can be an effective marketing tool if it is used effectively that helps to create brand and awareness in the market.

E-commerce businesses use a variety of ways to draw the attention of the customers and also to engage them. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, ads, offer announcement, etc. and many more.

These channels of communications generate mediocre results. However, browser push notifications sent directly from your website to the user’s browser and delivered even if the user is not accessing your website.

The browser push notifications can be directed from a website on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari and accessible on any devices including mobile, tabs, and laptops.

Each browser uses a push service like chrome push notifications use Firebase cloud messaging, Firefox use Mozilla plus service, and Safari use Apple push notification service.

1. Endorse Occasional Sales:

Every e-commerce business owners would eagerly wait for a seasonal sale and never want to miss the opportunity. Inspire the users about the new collections of products with the help of push notifications.

New products notifications
New products notifications

Impress the users with the new and dashing collection and encourage them for the seasonal sale. You can also convert your users by giving exciting gifts, offers, and discounts on the festival season.

This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to your customers. You can also send notifications on company anniversaries and end of season sales.

Promote Flash Sales:

Flash sales are the best way to create urgency among customers to purchase a product. You can send the notifications with a specified time limit.

products discounts browser notifications
products discounts browser notifications

This creates a sense of excitement and they would purchase the product. This helps the user for immediate, otherwise, he/she can miss out the offer if they don’t do the transaction. Such type of notifications will help you drive high pull and power to your website.

Give Reminders:

To grab the attention of the customer, sending reminder notification is the best way for targeting. You can send personalized messages like birthday wishes and anniversaries wishes to clutch attention.

This will help the customers feel special on their special day, and they will visit your site or app for buying. You can send reminders based notifications to users conveying them not miss important things like a discount, coupon, etc.

Sending the last-minute remainder also creates an urgency within the customers that helps in increasing the sales. Remind the users about products and services they are already using to renew it.

Promote new product arrival:

It is absolutely important for you to avail about the information of products and brands to your users. This can be done based on the shoppers’ recent behavior. Buyers always want to know when the product can be purchased.

E-commerce sites can create segments between customers based on their past purchases. Then send them to push notifications to the segments directly for new related products that had searched earlier.

Therefore, send relevant information about the new product arrivals after the segmentation of customers based upon their purchase history, behavior. This push notification will help to augment the growth and sales.

For example, a new book is in stock and you have records of buying all the books earlier. You can send a notification that states, the new series is now available and in stock, then every user will want to pick their copy at the earliest.

Minimize Cart Abandonment:

As a retailer, you need to understand the urge of the e-commerce platform and intent of customers about a specific product. The website must convince the customers by giving them more information regarding the products. The following points will help in reducing the cart abandonment rate.

You can remind your users about products left in carts and this helps in increasing sales. You can also recommend similar products to users by attaining the following steps.

Create urgency notifications for a product:

The urgent notifications help the users to check the website and cart again. This helps an outgoing customer to stay on the website by providing the opportunity to grab the best deal.

You can use the statements like ‘Grab the coupon’, ‘Limited offer’, ‘for a limited time’, ‘Hurry up’ etc. to create an urgency in the users to gain immediate attention.

Leverage personalization:

Personalized messages lead to a higher conversion rate. Because when people get a personalized notification, they feel that it is only created for him. There are several ways to personalize your web push messages.

You can use the physical location to personalize messages. Also, you can use the customers past behavior to send targeted specific messages.

For example, if a person has spent a few time on your website for browsing a particular product, then instead of sending a generalized message, send him a personalized message like “30% discount for the specific product” by doing the categorization.

The minor modification on personalized messages will definitely boost your conversions. This will also make a huge difference in your open and click-through rates.

Back-in-stock again:

You can notify your users with the help of push notifications based upon their preferences when out of stock products are available again. This will help in the sure sale of the product.

Price Drop

You can notify the users about price-drop on products in real-time. This helps in converting direct sales of a product.

Best Plugins For Sites Build On WordPress.

The success factor to increase sales includes that you need to keep your audience engaged to make them stick to your website.

The browser-based push notifications update the visitors about new and trending content on a WordPress site. This helps to send messages directly to connected mobiles, desktops, and tabs, etc. Look at a few WordPress push notifications plugins to enable them for your website:

1: OneSignal

OneSignal is a prevalent WordPress push notifications plugin. It allows setting opt-in messages for the site visitors to configure notifications. The website visitors will get the features like targeted notifications, A/B testing when they sign up for push notifications.

Pros: OneSignal provides the setup for scheduled and automatic notifications for online as well as offline users. It targets the visitors based on their language, the frequency of visits based on their visit rate. It also gives real-time analytics to view notifications with unlimited push notifications.

Cons: The installation is a bit tricky although these issues have happened less and less over time.

2: Pushmaze: Self-hosted push notifications

Pushmaze is a self-hosted push notifications service for mobile and web. It allows you to reach out to users through web push notifications on desktop browsers and Android phones for free.

Pros: Pushmaze does not charge the amount on a recurring payment basis for sending the notifications. There is only a one-time purchasing cost that you can simply own the software and send free notifications.

It also segments the user-based activities, geography, interests, and behavior to target those group of users and send them relevant messages.

It is a durable, secure, and fully managed messaging service that provides many-to-many messaging.

Cons: The dashboard needs to adopt the modern design.

3: Pushengage

Pushengage is a WordPress push notifications plugin for websites that sends notifications and engage the users. It is an automatic tool used for dynamic segmentation using URL helps for higher click rates. WordPress websites can get the plugin for automatic notifications when publishing a post.

Pros: You can get the complete analytics on the opt-in push notifications for better subscription rate. You can also create campaigns of notifications for conversions.

Cons: The free plan restricts up to 2500 subscribers and 120 notifications a month. The supported browsers are only Chrome and Firefox.

4: SendPulse

This is a free WordPress plugin to add push notifications functionality to a website. You can use this plugin to inform your customers about important events in a quick manner. It is a marketing platform in which we push notifications supports in all popular browsers like, Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera, etc.

Pros: Users can be able to see offline notifications as soon as they come online. They can send personalized push messages and trigger up the automatic messaging also. Users can be able to see the notifications being delivered with the help of real-time analytics.

Cons: There are some limitations on modern templates and more variety is needed. It needs to emphasize on event-based segmentation and hyperlocal targeting.


With the help of browser push notifications, you can send impactful and short push notifications to users to increase the conversion rate. You can also send them meaningful emojis with your push messages. The possibilities of increasing sales and conversions would be many more.

The above-mentioned ideas help in multitudes of your business to drive sales and a higher ROI using browser push notifications. However, you need to research new marketing strategies that work best for you.

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