7 Best and Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for WordPress

Find a list of 7 best and free WordPress redirect plugins to easily fix broken links issues, redirect users to specific pages or display custom messages.

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After you have read every word of this short article, you will discover the 7 Best WordPress Redirect Plugins for WordPress’ that you can start using right now to fix your WordPress site redirect issues.

The coolest part is that you don’t have to even understand any sort of website design, coding be it HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and the like. As long as you can read, you are good to go and make the best use of these plugins. Make sense?

Now, we are going to move forward.

Why do I need to use any of these redirect plugins?

That’s a very good question. Have you ever come across websites with broken links? If you have, you know how disappointing that can be to a website visitor.

Let’s suppose for instance you are searching through any of the search engines we have out there on the Internet for an important information and you happened to come across a search result that relates to what you were looking for and only to click on the link and discover that it is a broken link, you’d feel disappointed right?

Yeah, so if you are the owner of the site that has the broken link issue, this article is for you and the stuff you are about to learn will help you maintain your website’s organic traffic.

One of the main reasons broken links occur is when a site moves to a new domain.

Now, when you move your site to a new domain you ought to redirect your oldsite.com to the newsite.com and by so doing, you will be able to keep your oldsite.com visitors, protect your brand and keep your search traffic intact. Make sense?

There are tons of plugins that you can use to make a site redirect and in this article, we have single-handedly picked the 7 best that you can use if you ever need to redirect your website to a new domain.

With one of these plugins I’m about to show you right now on this article I was able to redirect my old site edos-ubebe.com to the new site domain edosubebe.com and that’s what you are about to learn in this article.

Also, at one point in time I was trying to build a membership site using WordPress for one of my client but I didn’t get the exact membership plugin, I was looking for at that time.

So what I did was that I used a redirect plugin to complete my membership site that I was building at that time and you know what I did?

I actually set the site up in such a way that when any of the site’s member logout, they will be automatically redirected to the website’s home page instead of staying on the WordPress login page and I used one of the plugins I’m about to show you in this article.

So, without wasting much of our time let’s go ahead and dive right into this stuff. You ready? Let’s do this. Here are few best and free WordPress redirect plugins.

1) Peter’s Login Redirect

I have been using the Peter’s Login Redirect plugin for over a year now on some of my clients website and the way that this plugin function is this, it enables you to redirect a user to a specific post or page when the user login or logout.

I use WordPress to build some simple membership sites for my clients and if I want a user to be redirected to a specific post or page after they login or logout that’s when I use this plugin.

This plugin has been working for me now for over a year plus and it has never failed me yet.

So, if you are looking to build a simple membership site you can add the Peter’s Login Redirect’ as one of the recipes you will use in building the membership site. Make sense?

2) Redirection

This is yet another powerful redirect plugins out there on the internet and I have also been using this specific plugin for quite some time now.


This plugin can also be used to redirect certain users to a specified post or page after the login or logout.

Also, if you wish to solve all your 301 redirection issues, this plugin is here for you and one major reason why I love this plugin is because you can know how many times a redirection has occurred through its statistics and the cost of this plugin is zero dollars. 🙂 In other words, it’s absolutely free.

3) Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

Have you just moved your oldsite.com to your newsite.com and you don’t want anything negative to affect your oldsite.com ranking?


The Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin is here to save your site’s ranking and help you protect your brand’s reputation.

At one point in time, I created a landing page using a WordPress plugin called the FunnelKit Go plugin.

I wanted my landing page to be the home page of that particular domain the landing page was on but the landing page creator I was using didn’t allow that option.

So, what I did was that I actually used the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin’ to redirect the page the landing page was to the home page of that same domain. Make sense?

If you wish to redirect a post to another post or a page to another page, the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin’ will do that for you.

Is this stuff making sense to you so far? If it does, I’ll appreciate it if you let me know in the comment box below this post.

4) Redirect Manager in Yoast SEO Premium

After deleting a post or page, or changing a slug or URL, Redirects manager in Yoast SEO will ask you directly what you’d like to do with the old URL.

If you wish to give this plugin a try, all you need to do is to install and activate the Redirect Manager in Yoast SEO Premium plugin and that’s it.

5) WP Redirects

This plugin actually simplifies redirecting a post to another post or a page to another page or a URL to another URL and the plugin is very light-weighted which makes the installation pretty fast.


In order to use the WP Redirects’ Plugin all you need to do is to install and activate the WP Redirects plugin and you will be good to go.

6) Easy HTTPS Redirection


If you have installed SSL certificate on your site and You want to force search engines to index your HTTPS version of the webpages, this free plugin is for you.

This free redirection plugin will help you automatically setup a redirection to the https version of an URL when anyone tries to access the non-https version.

7) Change Permalink Helper

This is the last plugin in this list of WordPress redirect plugin out there and the plugin is very simple to use.

Now, the way that this plugin works is this, it automatically checks your site’s permalink and redirects to your newsite.com, if it doesn’t exist. It also sends the header message removed permanently 301′.

In order for you to begin using this plugin, all you need to do is to install and activate the change Permalink Helper plugin here and you will be good to go. Make sense?

That’s all

That’s all for this list of WordPress Redirect Plugins. I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions.

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