Best Blog Hosting Sites To Start a Blog in 2023

Planing to start a blog to share your daily life experiences to want to start a business blog, but don’t know where to start. Find a list of Best Blog Hosting Sites.

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Starting a Blog isn’t difficult at all, You can choose any platform of your choice to setup your blog. WordPress, Medium, Ghost, Tumblr are very popular and best blog hosting sites

WebHosing plans are starting from as low as $12 per Year. offers WebHosting from $12/Year with free Domain Name.

Advantages of Blogging

  • 77% internet users read blogs.
  • 6.5 million people blog via blogging sites
  • 12+ million people blog via social networks
  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and increase indexed pages by 97%.
  • In comparison to magazines, blog influences purchase decision 63% more.
  • Companies that blog at least 15 times a month get 5x the website traffic than those who do not blog.
  • 43% of companies who blog have acquired a customer from their blog.

Best Blog Hosting Sites – To Start a Blog in 2017

Best Blog Hosting Sites - To Start a Blog in 2017
Best Blog Hosting Sites – To Start a Blog in 2017


If you really want to start a blog to earn money online, you should choose a self-hosted version of WordPress as your blogging tool.

WordPress - Best Blog Hosting Sites
WordPress – Best Blog Hosting CMS

To set up a self-hosted website with WordPress, You will have to buy WebHosting 1&1, bluehost and bluehost offers affordable hosting plans.

The self-hosted version of WordPress gives you full control over your website, You will be able to install premium themes, powerful plugins to grow your blog and business and promote your products as well.

You can read this guide to learn how to start your own blog with WordPress.

2. is a free service from Automatic, the company behind WordPress, Jetpack and many other services.

You can create a free blog with but there are some disadvantages. You can not install themes and plugins of your choice and you can not use third party adverting services to make money from your blog.

You will have to upgrade to premium plan to unlock different features.

We welcome 50,000 new sites every day. From small business sites, artist portfolios, and blogs, to giant media organizations like TIME and CNN. stats shows that over 409 million people view more than 22.7 billion pages each month. WordPress users are producing about 64+ million new posts and 42+ million new comments each month

From TechCrunch to TED, CNN, Major League Baseball, Google, Nokia, Samsung and the National Football League using WordPress to create websites and blogs.

You can start a free blog and website at and if you want full control over your blog/website, you can use self-hosted version available at

3. Blogger

Blogger is a free service from Google. You can create multiple free blogs with also known as

You can get a free sub-domain name for each blog e.g You can install any template of your choice to change the look and feel of your blogspot blog.

You don’t need to pay anything to use your custom domain e.g. with your blogspot blog.

According to BuiltWith stats Blogger has 6.5% Top Site Market Share and it is second most popular blog hosting site after WordPress.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is another very popular microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and later acquired by Yahoo! in 2013. Tumblr claims to be one of the easiest free blogging platforms to use.

The service allows users to post multimedia (images, Gifs, videos) and other content to a short-form blog.

Tumblr hosts 324.9 million blogs and 142.6 Billion posts. You can also set up a custom domain for your Tumblr blog?

5. Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform from Twitter’s co-founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone. It was founded in 2012.

Medium is a social publishing platform that is participatory at its core. Every action on Medium is networked, so readers discover content based on what others are reading, recommending, and responding to. Medium boasts a passionate, engaged audience drawn here by quality ideas and the unrivaled reading experience. About Medium

This is a publishing platform for bloggers and publications. If you love to write in-depth blog posts and articles, You should try this powerful platform.

To learn more about Medium, You should read What is Medium? article at Time.

One of the best thing about Medium is that it makes writing and reading experience a breeze.

You are allowed to use a custom domain at Medium and You can also send personalized email newsletters to your followers. You can import existing followers from Facebook and Twitter.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other blog hosting sites do not offer this powerful feature, You need third party services to send newsletter.

You can create a new blog at Medium or Migrate an existing website/blog to medium.

6. Ghost

Ghost claims to be the publishing platform for professional bloggers. Ghost is an easy to use and very simple blogging platform.

A former WordPress developer created this simple blog publishing CMS. WordPress was also started as a blogging platform, but now it is really simple. Ghost focuses on one thing, Publishing content with ease.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

You don’t need to buy web-hosting to start a blog with Blogger,, Medium or Tumblr. But if you want full control over your blog and planning to host your blog yourself, You will have to buy web hosting.

There are so many companies offering web hosting. We have Published an article about WordPress Hosting Providers.

WordPress is no doubt most powerful CMS to build websites and blogs. You can not only host simple blogs but you can even run and manage your online business with WordPress.

Here are few best WordPress Hosting providers.

1. 1& $11.88/Year: Their basic hosting plan is starting from $0.99/month only. You will get a free domain, hosting, 50GB SSD storage and managed WordPress hosting.

2. NameCheap $9.88/Year NameCheap makes it very simple and easy to register and manage multiple domains. You can also host your website on NameCheap. Their Value plan costs $9.88/Year only.

3. InMotion Hosting $2.95/Month With InMotion’s LAUNCH Plan You can Host two WordPress websites on their powerful servers and you will also get a free domain name.

4. BlueHost $3.95/Month is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers. Their plans are starting at $3.95 for shared hosting.

Final Words

Which blogging platform and hosting provider do you prefer. I am a big fan of WordPress and have been using it for years.

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    Wow! that was an amazing list, just buzzing after reading that. Very informative, rich in details and easy read. I will try out your awesome techniques and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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    My blog is a self hosted blog and for those who dont know what it is it is a site that is hosted in siteground and it is fast. So i recommend self hosted blog. Do not try free blogging platform because it will be limited for you to improve your blog. Great post and keep it up sharing new post

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      I also prefer self-hosted WordPress blog. Free blog is good for beginner and hobby bloggers, but if you are a serious blogger, don’t hesitate to spend some dollars to buy web hosting.

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