Blogging Tips for New Bloggers : How to be a better blogger?

Fatima has shared 17 simple and easy to follow blogging tips for new bloggers to help you create awesome blog content that matters.

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Are you a beginner looking to start your blogging career or a blogger already and want to have some blogging tips to polish your existing blog? Here I am going to give you some simple blogging tips for writers of any level.

What is a blog?

Before going to the blogging tips, you should know about the blog in general. A website or a web page that is updated regularly and run by yourself as an individual or as a small group is called a blog.

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blogging tips for new writers
blogging tips for new writers

Here you can share your personal experiences or any information. It could be formal or informal according to the niche.

A niche is a topic or theme of your page. It is a particular topic on which you want to share the knowledge on your website. It is better to choose any one niche out of all for one page. It could be a lifestyle, technology, science, education, parenting, media, or anything of your interest.

17 Simple Blogging Tips for new Bloggers

tips for better blogging

Here are some simple blogging tips for beginners which can make your writing more attractive to your readers:

1. Choose the niche you are truly passionate about

blog niche
Image Source: Vanesta

Before starting a new blog, specify your niche. Start for what you feel passionate about so that it would be easier for you to give information to the readers more dedicatedly.

Go deep into the topic of your blog from every perspective, so the reader who came to your blog doesn’t need to go somewhere else to search for more relevant information.

You can read this ultimate 6000+ guide to start a blog, which discuss all the necessary details to start a blog that matters.

2. Understand your readers

Do you want to involve your readers in your written content that they feel going through some more of your blog? So do write to them, knowing what they want to read.

Best blog niches
Best Blog Niches – GoldenBloggerz

Add the information that your reader wants to take. In this way, they will come back to your blog whenever they need the solution to their problems relevant to your blog topic.

3. Write what people want to read

Are you writing on your blog to show to the world, right? The world would read it only if they feel it relevant to what they want. Search for the common topics people want to discuss at the present time or go for some evergreen topics.

You can also search it by typing your keyword onto the google search bar, and the results which will appear on top are those for which most people are searching. Go for those topics.

blogging tips

Here, the keyword is ‘tea making’ and the Google is showing some relevant searches people usually do.

You need to optimize your content for Google and other search engines but do over do it. Write for audience first and also optimize it for search engines.

4. Let it be simple:

Make your blog simple so that every common man can feel involved in it. Do not use any hard grammar or fancy words as it could make your blog look critical.

Use familiar words that everyone can easily understand. Use a way similar to the communication as it makes the reader more indulged in what they are reading.

5. Write a good introductory paragraph

Use the introductory paragraph to grab the attention of the reader. It should have a summary of what your reader is going to get in your post and why he should read it.

You may take the APP rule; as Si Quan Ong describes it in his blog post on Ahrefs as

  • Align: Show your readers that you understand their problems
  • Present: show them that it’s all present in your article what they are looking for
  • Proof: Give them some reason to trust you

6. The catchy heading is another blogging tip:

Make use of the catchy headings. A reader will first look onto the prominent stuff on your blog. And that prominent stuff is your heading.

You can go for some catchy headlines which will help you to start with unique and catchy headings.

7. Use pointers and bullets:

It makes it easy to read if the content is in the form of bullets or points.

Use pointers whenever you can, it would make your blog more simple to read.

You can use numbered or billeted list style. For example, for this article, we chose to go with number list style.

8. Small paragraphs and short sentence:

Do you think it makes your content look more catchy if it is lengthy and bulky? Know that this is not the case.

It makes it look simple and easy to read when you use small paragraphs with short sentences.

9. Search before you write

Search for the topic you want to write on. For having some ideas for what to write, read about that topic first. Once you have read 4,5 posts or pages on your topic, now you would be able to write a great post by yourself.

“Good writing creates effortless reading.”

Bona Halbert

The best way to do so is to read the very first five posts that appeared on google when you searched your keyword. But remember you don’t want to copy the exact thing you read, but the idea is to have some brainstorming to start with.

You can read this awesome post to make your blog Google friendly.

10. Go for other blogs that you admire

To start something new, you should get the idea first. An idea needs some source to come from, use your admiration to get that starter. You must first read to write something. The more you read, the more you would be able to write with ease.

Simply Google, your prefered topic such

  • social media blogs to follow
  • popular personal blog
  • fashion blogs
  • women’s life style blog

Visit the blogs you like. Notice the way they write. See how someone paints his picture of the mind with words. And most importantly, know what attracts you to that particular post or blog. This all gives you the idea of what other people can expect from you as a blogger.

11. Instead of copying, be yourself

If you want to make your blog stand out of the other billions of blogs present on the internet, make it of your style. Do not copy someone else’s style, no matter how attractive it seems to you.

There would definitely be something unique about you, let it come out by your writing. It would steal the flavour from your content if you try to copy, do not make your post seem tasteless.

12. Make the writing authentic by providing links

Try to provide citations and links for what you have taken from another site. It would increase the credibility of your blog. Your readers want pieces of information and solutions with facts, not your personal opinion. So it would be more convenient for them to believe an authentic talk.

13. Use images or videos to explain

As you know, an image says a thousand words, use the media to explain your idea. It could be an image or a video. It adds life to your blog and makes It appear more healthy when you add flavours of different media files.

We have published a list of 23 Websites To Download High Quality Free Stock Images For Your Articles.

14. Always proofread your content for a cleaner blog:

If you are trying to be a better blogger, then you should proofread your content to make sure that you are writing good content. Recheck if it is relevant to the topic or not. You want your reader to stick to your written content until the end.

check grammar and spelling mistakes witg Grammarly free app
check grammar and spelling mistakes witg Grammarly free add-on for Chrome and Widnows

make your content free of grammatical mistakes and irrelevant data. Grammarly is a free tool to easily find and fix grammatical mistakes from your post easily. It is available as browse extension, Google Docs add on and Windows App.

15. Instead of volumizing, go for consistency

If you want your blog to rank high on google, you will need more traffic. SEO describes how this phenomenon works. The most important blogging tip that I can give you related to SEO is to be consistent in posting.

Instead of focusing on bulky content, concentrate on writing at the same intervals. It would make your audience more attracted to you, and Google will also recognize you as a competitor.

16. Make a plan for blogging

make a writing plan
make a writing plan

You can get disturbed by making efforts on every side. Being a blogger is not so much easy on its own, while maintaining your own blog makes it more challenging. You can make it manageable by working with a proper plan.

You can mark the things on a physical calendar or can use some apps or free tools for it. Make sure to have a list of upcoming work you have to do, like creating a new post, refreshing old ones, looking at your audience’s mood, etc.

17.  Make your blog marketing strategy

Last but not least, If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to market your blog. It would get you more traffic, and ultimately you would be more accessible and recognized.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to market your blog. Make the audience to not only read but also share your content. It is essential food for a healthy blog.

These were some blogging tips for new bloggers to make your writing look more efficient for the reader. Remember that readers are the king of your blog. Do what makes them happy, and they will automatically follow you.

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