This is What You Need To Know About the New Gutenberg Editor WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg Editor offer all the essential editing features you need to create powerful content without learning to code.

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Here’s a quick catch-up for those who don’t know, Gutenberg is the new way to edit content in WordPress.

With the release of WordPress 5.0, several companies have started pumping out their own custom CMS platforms comprising of a variety of new features for their valuable customers.

The block-based editor, Gutenberg replaces the traditional editor that has been in use to write content several years ago.

Now known as the classic editor, the old editor used to operate something like Microsoft Word or other word processing software.

Whereas with the emergence of new Gutenberg editor, professionals can embrace the concept of blocks starting from paragraph blocks to image blocks, video blocks, custom blocks and what not! Basically, it’s all about creating content and design pages by arranging blocks in the new editor.

Gutenberg Editor in WordPress 5
Gutenberg Editor in WordPress 5

2018 was a year where technology came up with innovations, applications that took several businesses to new heights across the globe- WordPress 5.0 featuring Gutenberg was one of those.

The entire performance of the CMS is optimized making it more accessible and user-friendly for new users as well. So what are you waiting for? Get upgraded to ensure that your website would be prepared and ready for it.

Let’s get acquainted with the Gutenberg editor

It is a new drag-and-drop builder that will completely change WordPress’ editing interface. Well, it doesn’t mean you should throw away the classic editor, you can definitely keep it, but sooner or later Gutenberg will be the new default.

Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

Now since it is such a drastic change, a slight learning curve will be there to welcome you while building posts and pages.

Further below I would like to mention a few pointers that will help you in familiarizing yourself with the editor now.

Theme & Plugin Compatibility

WordPress themes and plugins offer great compatibility- but for that, you do require updating. You will come across a plethora of updates to add support for WordPress 5.0.

All you have to do is go to Dashboard > Updates to update WordPress, your theme and your plugins.

First, before updating your existing site, try testing out a copy in a staging environment and Backup your website with JetPack

Follow these steps

  • Install Gutenberg- your theme, and all of your plugins
  • Next, you need to test them out thoroughly, in case of any compatibility issues.
  • Third, you can also check out each developer’s site, for more information about which tools are Gutenberg-friendly.

Content then & now

Before making any changes make sure you backup your site or create a staging site before converting any of your existing content.

Gutenberg has become the latest fad, but that doesn’t really mean things go according to expectations every time.

I mean when you are creating a page with the older editor its content will appear in the form of the classic block, but with the latest version, you can convert its content into individual blocks.

All you require doing is click the options icon at the top-right then Convert to Blocks. But make sure that same blocks have a “Wide” option.

It may also interest you to know that you can choose on a per-block basis (the converter will not automatically make any element wide).

Consider the classic editor

I am sure many of you prefer to continue using the classic editor, good news they definitely can!

The classic editor plugin will enable WordPress 5.0 to revert to the old editing experience.

In case of any further issue, feel free to consult a reliable WordPress development company in town. Gutenberg being a significant change over so many years, so it is reasonable to expect some bumps in the road that need to be smoothed out in the coming months.

However, I would never recommend using the classic editor as it will discontinue in 2022. On the other hand, more and more themes and plugins will support it, extend it and do great things with it.

Its benefits include:

  1. Interactive design- A user never has to worry about ruining the layout or changing the wrong part while editing.
  2. Embedding- Gutenberg is designed featuring a simplistic setup for all embedding processes- everything can be done with a simple click of the right button.
  3. Mobile friendly- Users can quickly scroll through the various features and build content that’s worthy of praise.
  4. Create complex content- The new WordPress editor has changed things for the better by eliminating complex features.
  5. Beautiful interface- The editor is crisp, easy-going and provides a long list of contemporary features

Final Thought

Without a shadow of a doubt, WordPress 5.0 will bring a significant change across the world. So, it becomes very important to learn about what the future holds! Speaking of WordPress 5.0 it offers:

  • A more intuitive site-building experience
  • Upgraded WordPress Rest API
  • Custom themes become easier
  • Page builder plugins might lose some relevance

Last but certainly not the least, you don’t have to settle for whatever set of features Gutenberg comes with right out the gate.

Like I said before, you will have a wide range of add-on plugins that work with Gutenberg to deliver some cool goodies.

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