Reasons To Use WordPress: 15 Benefits Of Taking Your Traditional Website To Online With WordPress!

WordPress is no longer a simple CMS to build blogs or simple websites, Compnies and big brands are using WordPress to build powerful websites and business blogs. Stella Miller disscusses 15 Reasons To Use WordPress.

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A WordPress website offers much more than just a few benefits. Today’s all blogs and websites are compared to the CMSs like WordPress as it offers much more than five or ten benefits that we usually hear. In this article, I am going to discuss 15 Reasons Reasons To Use WordPress for your business website or blog.

It has dramatically changed the ways of building websites. You can build more than 35+ types of websites with WordPress very easily without learning to code.

Not only business owners can learn the basic operations of editing and adding content to their websites but also are no longer held hostages to their developer.

Here are 15 Reasons to Use WordPress

1. Save Money

You no longer need to send the most basic text changes to your designer as you’ll be able to make edits on your own. It cuts down a lot of money that you usually invest on developers.

You can even install and active Adsense Friendly Theme on your WordPress website to increase our earnings.

We have already published an article about WordPress blog cost. You don’t to spend thousands of dollars to start a blog with WordPress.

2. Greater Accessibility

It all begins with converting PSD to HTML and once done, make changes or add content to your website from anywhere around the world with a basic Internet connecting.

WordPress is one of the best and most powerful CMS to build the accessible website. Read this article b Tahir Taous at Pagel blog to learn how to build Accessible WordPress Websites.

3. Design Consistency

WordPress uses a themed approach to design the layout. Either you would customize a theme manually or with WordPress Child Theme plugins, or buy a pre-designed theme to your unique branding and add to the WordPress files.

Without respect to the number of pages you add to your website, the theme setup ensures a design consistency on multiple layouts.

4. Design Flexibility

You can add as many plugins as you want on your websites, provided they don’t conflict with each other as it can hamper the website’s performance. The plugins add to the functionality of a website and can dramatically increase the engagement of your website with enhances look and feel.

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5. Mobile Readiness

A website designed on WordPress platform is sure to work on all kind of mobile devices if they support a basic internet connection. Not only the devices but any screen, platform or browser be able to support the website.

You can create mobile friendly and fully responsive websites with WordPress Themes and there are many free and premium plugins also available to make WordPress website mobile friendly.

6. Improved Time Management

You can add content or images of your post whenever you want and can schedule them whenever you want. They will automatically get updates as per the preferred date.

It means you can write an entire week’s schedule to update your website with regular content.

7. Engage with Current Media

By allowing you to add videos and audios on your website, WordPress ensures that you update your users on everything that is trending in your niche.

8. Growth potential

Automatically, the links to new pages get added based on the categories of your webpages, saving you the time to update navigations. All of this happen in the control panel of your website instead of coding every update.

9. Improved Security

It allows you to install plugins and sometimes they begin the reason of vulnerabilities on your website as hackers can get into your site with the help of plugins.

But, it is also true that if you have right people involved in developing your website, there is nothing secure than WordPress platform.

10. Two-Way Communication with Website’s visitors

You can create comment sections on your website, which allows you to interact with customers every time they post something related to the post. Getting more interactive with your website’s users is an effective way to attract the audience as people can feel their importance.

11. Improved Brand Awareness

The motive behind developing a website is to introduce your brand to millions of people over the internet. Doing this multiplies your brand identity exponentially. There are many free and premium WordPress plugins available for Business Websites and Blogs.

Read this article to learn more about 7 type of WordPress plugins to grow your business with WordPress. We have listed best free and premium plugins in this article.

12. 24-Hour Listing in Bing/MSN

To get your website indexed by search engine crawlers is important for every online driver and that is possible by adding the RSS feed to Bing/MSN, which is automatically done by WordPress. You can very easily Optimize WordPress For SEO.

13. Control On Discussions

You are the sole controller of your website and everything that happens on your website. You can create a chat room or forum to make your website more engaging and not only you can control spammers to add fake comments in your forums but also monitor the discussion if anything negative commented on the website.

14. One-Step Posting

You don’t have to use the traditional methods of posting content to your website. With WordPress, you truly only click a single button to take your post online.

Maybe, it is used by all platforms but WordPress introduced it and made our lives easier. Eye-catching Headlines and blog post titles can increase your website traffic upto 400%.

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15. SEO Friendliness

The WordPress streamline the HTML code that every search engine finds extremely easy and inviting for indexing. Not only the coding but you can also use various plugins that are highly beneficial to get your website among the top search results of search engines.

You can not only write great content on your blog but you can also make Google Friendly Websites with WordPress. It means higher rankings in search engines = more quality traffic to your website.

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Stella Miller is an experienced Wordpress Developer working with a prominent HTML to Wordpress conversion company. Having gone from handling a basic to large complex projects, WordPress holds no secrets from her. She regularly writes about WordPress and publishes significant tutorials at her leisure time.

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