Applying these 7 WordPress web designing trends of 2023 will overwhelm your audience

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Designers understand that visual designs put a significant impact on the customers. Keeping that in mind they bring life to visuals with new improvements in the designs that turns out to be trending among people.

Designers and coders work hard to make designs appealing and features easy to navigate. After a survey Nielson Norman Group in 2017 showed that users took 22% longer time to navigate through an ultra-flat design, which is quite disappointing.

This will result in passing out of this trend soon. Designs which are accepted or appreciated the most will continue to stay for a longer time.

Why choose WordPress as an optimum CMS for your business?

The base to outreach your audience starts with a website building and using a versatile CMS is an astute decision.

WordPress being an open source software is absolutely priceless which has evolved in progressive ways over time. It provides everybody the opportunity to create and share from handcrafted personal anecdotes to world changing movements.

This ubiquitous platform allows people with limited tech experience to use it out of the box and the tech savvy can customize it in remarkable ways. Thus, 34% of the web users use WordPress including those regulating hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

WordPress gives you the freedom to build anything you want through its powerful features and aesthetic designs.

WordPress is featured with limitless possibilities – SEO friendly, responsive mobile sites, high performance, high security, powerful media management & many more.

Apart from user-friendly panel, WordPress allows you to customize your entire website with just click-of-a-button. Migrating traditional CMS to WordPress is a lot easier.

It simply allows you to export all your database, content & media files, support URL redirects, incorporate existing website design, website development and much more. WordPress permits multi-designed integration thus; you can have designs as per your choice throughout the website.

To keep your site on the cutting-edge of design, you need to understand what’s popular in the WordPress community. But, with innumerable choices it becomes hard to determine which WordPress web design services is the right fit for your business.

To create a website through WordPress that is modern, compelling and functional, you must be well equipped with the latest techniques. Some of the latest web design trends are making their way out, which we have covered below.

1. Split Screen on Landing Page

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Split screen is simple yet an effective designing technique to establish a distinctive visual flow. The merit of using this approach is it being mobile compatible and user friendly. An effective choice with responsive framework, Split Screen encourages the user to make multiple choices.

Earlier splits were simple and symmetrical; designers are working on splits that aren’t necessarily down-the-middle of the screen. They are starting to use animation and effects with splits to encourage clicks based on the content provided.

One of the biggest shift in this trend is that there are multiple-click areas in some of the newer designs. Splits helps create visuals to stand out from innumerable hero homepages or differentiate between types of content on a website. In minimal designs, splits can be used with grids for beautiful displays on small devices.

2. Geometry Patterns in Web Designing

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Geometric shapes can have strong, bold and striking design elements to work impressively in the world of logos. To have a professional and stunning design you can combine subtle and sleek gradients with linear shapes in a way to bring geometric designs look corporate.

Geometric shapes in web designing can manifest an edgy and sharp look to the site by adding negative spaces and contrast. These patterns can be blended with photos, muted colors and bold serifs to give designs an unimaginable, contemporary and intense look.

You can add creativity in simple geometric shapes by adding a few light textures and some vivid colors to fabricate a dimensional and stellar portrait.

Designers try out new concepts by breaking image and interlocking them with geometric grids. This movement and adjustment of images and patterns enhance the design in an intriguing way.

3. Story Telling with Parallax

Parallax WordPress Themes
Parallax WordPress Themes

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Whether B2B or B2C, Parallax scrolling is a pronounced platform for brands to exhibit their stories. Visuals are an effective method to engage users hence, designers use visuals in a form of story for efficacy.

This technique of web design assists the designer to enthrall users through anecdotes. When combined story telling with parallax scrolling, the design looks edgy giving it a 3D aspect.

Parallax technology can be implemented in plentiful ways to make your site look innovative, modern and cool. This technique allows your product to be presented in new and appealing ways.

One of the greatest example of Parallax scrolling with storytelling is NASA Prospects. This technique has proven to be one of the most impactful methods for on-site user engagement.

4. Minimalism taking charge

Minimalist WordPress Themes

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Not everyone has the creativity to combine and structure bold texts with vibrant colors to stand out among the other websites. Designs not necessarily have to be elaborative to be effective.

Depending upon the domain, designers can choose maximalist or minimalism. Flat designs have been in trend with minimalism because of being cost effective and functional.

Since, minimalism and flat design go hand-in-hand following the emphasis on content, tactile designs have taken a leap to create illusions in designs. Tactile designs give a three dimensional effect to the object in a digital space.

This design method can give a more alive look and borderless space contrast to flat designs by adding more white space with high quality photography & consistent use of shadows.

This way the customer feels more connected with the content without letting it be trapped within the design, which otherwise would turn peculiar if not designed in a suitable way.

5. Duotones and Color Palette

One of the most versatile methods to repurpose images for designing projects. Duotone is a method to give the website a new and fresh look without resorting the entire website. Duotone palette has been trending in designs from quite a long time for improving readability.

This trend can be applied to hero images, whitespaces, background imagery and videos to accent other design elements or blocks of content. With right choices of colors, Duotone is a proven technique to lend a strong amount of visual to make your home page appealing.

With this unique identity provider, designers can make use of dark or light tones and hues accordingly to serve layered designs. Creative designers can extend their creativity while applying Duotone in designs with the help of Photoshop tool.

They can move above the traditional method of applying colors and add stylish flair to illustrations.

6. Adding Virtual Reality in Web Designs

WebVR technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we use web. While VR is prominent in gaming and marketing, several companies have developed WebVR to incorporate in web designing.

WebVR will liberate user from downloading an app to have an experience of Virtual reality. UX designers keep spatial layout in mind, when building VR designs for creative & 3D architecture to inspire more participation of users.

Designer can take advantage of the popular frameworks available in the market to create VR content without much time consumption.

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The AR/VR technology is expected to take sales presentation to an entirely different level. According to Statista, the VR global market will reach $40 billion in 2023.

There are companies that are using VR technology and one of the examples is Expedition Wild Worlds. This website has used WebVR for users to feel the live expedition into the woods with interactive live-action 360◦ video-based. This technology is built for desktops, mobile, google cardboard, rift and vive.

7. Broken or Overlapping Grid

CSS Grid is not just a tool for the front-end developers besides designers can also benefit from it when building web layouts in new ways.

CSS grid lets you control and place the elements both vertically and horizontally. Despite incompetence in coding, CSS platform assists in creating classic graphic designs and art approaches easily.

Grid based WordPress Themes

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The trending broken grid layout & asymmetry can bring visual interest to specific type of content on a page. Broken grid pattern can be attained through a planned symmetry of elements.

Having items overlap on page can help enhance the overall aesthetic of the website. Designers, to manifest overlapping and to make the design look less constrict, use floating tiles over hero images or layering type over images. There are many websites that are enforcing these approaches in a unique form.

In the Nutshell

WordPress is designed with a minimum set up emphasizing on easy accessibility, performance and security. This open source platform offers freedom to customize in order to share your story, product or service freely.

The use of unusual placements, layering with different colors and textures, repeating irregular pattern, use of whitespaces & creative use of typography create a sense of depth when customizing web designs.

These designing trends are coming out to engage users & point them towards the most important parts of the website. A website that has both unity and consistency demonstrates the professionalism of a design.

Furthermore, proven techniques for more user engagement is by illustrating a story. As designers keep experimenting, we might experience astounding designs beyond these trends in the coming years.

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