10 Powerful WordPress Plugins to Drive Website Engagement

Numerous website owners are working hard to create a recipe that will help them keep website visitors interested. David has listed 10 free plugins to make your website more useful and engaging for customers.

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Do you think your website lacks conversions?

Have you been trying to figure out the secrets of high engagement?

Are you already using some WordPress plugins to increase engagement not being sure if they help?

Numerous website owners are working hard to create a recipe that will help them keep website visitors interested. Even though it is a process that depends on the type of business, target audience, and many other factors, some tools can be helpful in numerous different circumstances.

So, if you’re wondering how to increase visitor’s engagement on WP website, regardless of your niche, read on and find it out. In this post, we’re showing you some highly useful WordPress plugins to keep website visitors engaged.

Choose High-Quality WordPress plugins to Increase Engagement

#1: ProProfs Live Chat

Did you know that 44% of online consumers consider live support one of the essential features of e-commerce websites? Accordingly, to add live chat to WordPress means to make an efficient yet affordable business investment.

All you have to do is to choose reliable software, such as ProProfs Live Chat, and hire a skilled, well-trained agent. 

The most important features of ProProfs Live Chat for WordPress

What makes ProProfs live chat a great choice for your online support system are its highly convenient features:

  • Personalized proactive chat greetings
  • Pre-chat and post-chat forms that speed up communication
  • Canned responses to frequently asked questions
  • Automated or manual chat delegation to different operators
  • Co-browsing feature that helps provide step-by-step assistance
  • Monitoring, data collection, analytics, and statistical reports related to staff performance, customer experience, and other relevant support aspects.

How does ProProfs Live Chat benefit your website engagement?

Once you decide to add live chat to WordPress, you’ll be able to offer potential customers a faster connection with your representatives as well as instant feedback. However, ProProfs live chat is more than just a convenient support plugin.

If you use it wisely and address customers’ issues proactively and efficiently, you’re practically motivating your prospects to engage with you. This way, you’re making room for new leads and additional conversions, improving your market position and leaving your competition behind. 

#2: MailChimp Plugin

MailChimp represents a newsletter plugin that can significantly facilitate your communication with email subscribers. Providing you with the possibility to automatically reach out to up to 2000 email subscribers at once, free of charge, it’s definitely one of the essential WordPress plugins to increase engagement.

The most important features of MailChimp Plugin for WordPress

MailChimp comes with a diversity of features that facilitate both mailing list growth and newsletter creation. Some of the essential features that make this plugin highly efficient are:

  • Quick connection of your website with your MailChimp account;
  • Impeccable easily customized and mobile-friendly sign-up forms;
  • The possibility of further plugin development following your needs;
  • Frequently updated knowledge base that keeps you trained and informed;
  • The possibility of integration with a large number of other plugins, including WordPress comment and integration form, Woo Commerce, Gravity Forms, BuddyPress, etc. 

How does MailChimp Plugin for WordPress benefit your website engagement?

In the first place, letting you create a good-looking newsletter, MailChimp increases the chances of having your subscribers interact with you. Besides, it makes them more likely to get in touch with you because it can send different emails to different groups of subscribers. Finally, it is also a great way of re-engaging with your newsletter audience and keeping them interested by sending personalized promotional, informational, or special discount emails.

#3 WP Fastest Cache

Have you ever considered your website speed as one of the main reasons for your visitors’ low engagement? The fact is, 53% of visitors won’t be interested in waiting for your website to load longer than 3 seconds. Not to mention trying to engage with you. And WP Fastest Cache is the plugin that will help you overcome this obstacle by significantly reducing your website loading time.

The most important features of WP Fastest Cache Plugin for WordPress

What makes WP Fastest Cache one of the leading cache cleaning plugins is the wide set of features that you have at your disposal, such as:

  • Easily delete all cache files once a post or a product page is uploaded;
  • Help admins easily delete minified css and js files from the options page;
  • Block cache for specific pages or even post a short code;
  • Easily enable/disable cache option for mobile devices;
  • Comes with SSL support;
  • Admins can exclude pages and user-agents.

Even though some of these features are only available in the paid version of the plugin, free plugin options can also provide you with great results. 

How does WP Fastest Cache Plugin benefit your website engagement?

Apart from the fact that you won’t be testing your website visitors’ patience, you’ll also positively impact their willingness to become your long-term customers. More precisely, 52% of online shoppers considered speedy website load one of the main reasons to stay loyal to an e-commerce website. 

WP Fastest Cache provides improved customer experience, which leads to increased engagement and conversions. Other than that, it also helps to establish long-term relationships with customers. 

#4 bbPress Forum Plugin

An open visitors’ community is one of the best ways to increase website engagement. The platform allows interested parties to take part in a diversity of conversations relevant to your website’s niche. And if you want a reliable tool to build up a sleek and intuitive platform for your visitors to casually engage, you should consider using the bbPress Forum Plugin.

The most important features of the bbPress Forum Plugin for WordPress

The reliability of bbPress lies in its carefully developed features that include:

  • Light software that won’t slow down or overload your website;
  • Simple setup guide, one-click install, and easily manageable forums and topics;
  • The access to all forums from a single account, with a single administrator dashboard for all of them;
  • The sectional division of your website with the user autonomy that lets them easily create and edit personal profiles and content.

How does the bbPress Forum Plugin benefit your website engagement?

Offering a well-developed forum within your website and having a reliable, well-informed administrator, you’re practically providing customers with both customer support and a common knowledge base. 

The best part of it is that you’ll be creating a community of people gathered around your brand that will be engaging in different ways. For instance, they may be exchanging opinions or facilitating different processes on your website to each other, and, therefore, participating in building a better image of your brand.

#5 Search Meter Plugin

Search Meter represents one of the essential WordPress plugins to increase engagement. On the one hand, it can show you what content on your website visitors looked for the most. On the other hand, it also shows you the content you lack based on the searches that gave no results. With this information in your pocket, you can focus on the creation of content that will attract visitors and increase their engagement. 

The most important features of the Search Meter Plugin for WordPress

To provide you with the most accurate and relevant data, Search Meter comes with a well-developed mix of features that include:

  • Adjustable period for which the info is collected (a couple of days, a week, a month);
  • The option of showcasing frequent searches to help visitors find what they want;
  • The feature that lists all the recent searches;
  • The functions that provide you with the optional theme edits if needed;
  • Simple installation guide with no complex activation procedures;
  • Search statistics preview and management. 

How does the Search Meter Plugin for WordPress benefit your website engagement?

Search Meter Plugin helps you to track down keywords your visitors enter in the search box, regardless of the number of matches. Plus, it saves the keyword combinations that didn’t provide any results. And this can be highly useful for your online business.

Letting you know what type of content your visitors came for, Search Meter practically directs you towards the content that you should be providing. And providing the visitors with the content, they want to see; you’re practically increasing their interest in your website, and, therefore, increasing the engagement rate, as well. 

#6 Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box 

In some cases, pop-up boxes may be your only way of making visitors engage with your brand. For instance, if you activate them when your visitors try to leave your website, you may convince them to stay. And that’s how Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box helps you avoid reduced engagement. It lets you design amazing pop-up boxes with all types of content.

The most important features of Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

To help you create appealing pop-up visual that will attract visitors and make them spend more time on your website, Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box provides you with diverse features, including:

  • Multiple types of pop-up boxes on a single page at a time
  • Activation of pop-up boxes on different pages
  • Appealing ready-made templates of pop-up boxes
  • Full control of pop-up box position and activation moment
  • A visual editor that helps you easily create fully customized pop-up content
  • Shortcode compatibility and multi-language support
  • Adjustable hiding period of a pop-up box after the visitor closed it

How does Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box benefit your website engagement?

To help you keep your visitors engaged, Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box offers you the possibility of quickly featuring relevant calls to action. In other words, you can reach out to visitors inviting them to sign up for your newsletter, share content on social media, check out best offers, relevant products and services, or new blog posts. 

As you can see, this plugin practically lets you easily feature any type of content that’s important for your marketing campaign. Instantly presenting your call to action to a website visitor, this tool increases your chances of keeping the visitors on your web page. Also, it gives you a chance of promoting content that the visitor otherwise would have missed.

#7 Disqus Comment System

When analyzing how to increase visitor’s engagement on the WP website, you shouldn’t forget about providing a sleek comment system. To keep your visitor’s engagement on a satisfying level, you should make it easy for them to comment on your content. With Disqus Comment System, you get to replace the rigid default WordPress comment section with a flexible, user-friendly comment area.

The most important features of Disqus Comment System

In the first place, the Disqus Comment System comes with a set of moderation tools that help you provide impeccable comment administration. These tools include:

  • automatic anti-spam filter and pre-moderation controls that let you mark comments based on the user status or links used in the comment;
  • real-time monitoring and moderation from the administrator panel;
  • moderation using email or directly participating in a discussion;
  • email notifications for all comment-related actions performed by website visitors, etc.

Apart from the highly efficient moderation options, Disqus Comment System also includes extraordinary features that take visitors’ engagement to a higher level. Some of them are:

  • Advanced text formatting options;
  • Simplified login process that includes logging in using social media, email accounts, and guest comments;
  • Comment filters that let you sort them by different criteria (most popular, most useful, newest, oldest, etc.).
  • Comment threads that can be expanded or collapsed, depending on user’s preferences; 
  • A well-developed real-time comment system that includes a diversity of interactive options, including mentions, social media embed, spoiler tags, polls, voting, and multimedia upload;

How does Disqus Comment System benefit your website engagement?

Providing a diversity of organized commenting options, Disqus motivates website visitors to engage with your content. In addition, it lets them subscribe to the threads that they participate in, which is especially important. 

Disqus practically makes it possible for you to bring them back and keep them engaged, as it notifies the visitors about new comments even when they have left the website.

#8 Sassy Social Share Plugin

To motivate your website visitors to engage with your brand, you also have to make it socially visible. With Sassy Social Share Plugin, connect your website with a diversity of social networks. It makes it easy for website visitors to share your content and increase engagement. 

The most important features of Sassy Social Share Plugin

Apart from representing a completely free plugin, Sassy Social Share also has a diversity of useful features that will facilitate the sharing process to your website visitors. Some of its essential advantages include:

  • Use the plugin without registering, signing up, or creating any type of account;
  • The plugin placement specifically on your website server;
  • Extremely simple and intuitive plugin installation and configuration;
  • Endless icon customization possibilities that let you create unique social toolbars;
  • Mobile-friendly design that doesn’t slow down your website;
  • Loading time that’s significantly faster than the average.

How does Sassy Social Share Plugin benefit your website engagement?

The sleek, stress-free website experience is one of the main factors that strongly impact visitors’ engagement. Eliminating the frustrations caused by slow-loading, constantly crashing social media toolbars, Sassy Social Share lets your website visitors effortlessly spread the word about your brand on social media. 

This way, with more than 100 social media services, not only do you keep the existing visitors engaged but also spread the audience network and create new engagement potentials.

#9 Contextual Related Posts 

When choosing WordPress plugins to increase engagement, you have to consider those that make your visitors stay longer on your website. And Contextual Related Posts is one of them. Automatically suggesting additional relevant content to your customers, this plugin keeps your customers interested and increases their engagement as they explore your website. 

The most important features of Contextual Related Posts for WordPress

What makes this plugin stand out from similar tools is the diversity of convenient features whose combination provides accurate, relevant recommended posts. Some of the key features of Contextual Related Posts are:

  • Automatic display of relevant related posts as soon as the plugin is activated;
  • Related posts suggestions based on the algorithm that analyzes both title and content of the current post;
  • The possibility of excluding posts or pages from being showcased based on their ID;
  • Automatically cached related posts output;
  • Well-developed thumbnail support with the option of resizing images using timthumb;
  • Customizable position of related post links (even in the post content, with the use of shortcode), etc.

How does Contextual Related Posts for WordPress benefit your website engagement?

While numerous plugins can help you feature seemingly related posts, Contextual Related Posts Plugin thoroughly analyzes both your posts’ content and titles to create relevant suggestions for website visitors. 

This plugin makes it more likely for visitors to be interested as they provide clear criteria for the selection of recommended posts. Without slowing down your website and jeopardizing visitors’ general experience, Contextual Related Posts Plugin helps reduce bounce rates, promote both older and newer posts, and keeps customers interested.

#10 Rate My Post Plugin

One of the essentials that keep customers loyal to a specific brand is the willingness of brand owners to show appreciation to their customers. And letting them rate your content publicly, using Rate My Post, you can both show them that you care about their opinions and, at the same time, improve your content quality in accordance with their ratings. 

The most important features of Rate My Post Plugin

Installing Rate My Post, you get to choose among a large number of rating features that will let you create a perfect rating system. Some of these features are:

  • Different collections of evaluation symbols (stars, trophies, emojis, thumbs, etc.);
  • Shortcode-based implementation of a rating system to any of your pages or posts;
  • The option of showing voting results once the voter has voted, or even before voting;
  • The possibility of excluding ratings from pages that don’t need it;
  • The possibility of monitoring votes using Google Analytics;
  • Adjustable text and color schemes, and animations;
  • An email notification system that will keep you informed about every vote;
  • The mobile-friendly option of preventing accidental votes, etc.

And that’s not all. The plugin also comes with useful feedback and social widget, as well as top-rated posts widget. 

How does Rate My Post Plugin benefit your website engagement?

Using this plugin, not only do you make it interesting for your website visitors to actively evaluate your brand content but you’re also getting valuable feedback regarding your content quality. Accordingly, increasing the interactive vibe of your posts, this plugin will make your website visitors want to engage more. 

Driving Website Engagement Has Never Been Easier Thanks to WP Plugins

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which different types of plugins can impact your website’s engagement level. However, when you decide to use WordPress plugins to increase engagement, you should make sure to choose the right ones. 

In the first place, you make sure that your website does not have any technical issues that may jeopardize customer experience. To avoid frustrations owed to slow website loading, you may want to install WP Fastest Cache Plugin, that will help you boost your website speed.

When it comes to your interaction with website visitors, you should consider using live chat for WordPress as well as a newsletter subscription tool. Some of the best options among these plugins are ProProfs Live Chat for WordPress and MailChimp Plugin. 

In addition, consider creating a community for your target audience, which can be easily done by setting up a forum using bbPress. And, besides, don’t forget to provide them with a sleek comment system, such as Disqus. To enhance your call to action or another important message, you can install Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box and create stunning pop-ups. 

Last but not least, let the website visitors effortlessly share your content with Sassy Social Share, as well as evaluate it with Rate My Post. Finally, make sure to track their searches and save their keywords since they may be a perfect guide in your process of content creation. 

Once you start using these tools continuously, combining them with a well-developed marketing strategy, you definitely won’t miss amazing engagement results.

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