The 5 Best Writing Apps for Windows To Create Award-Winning Content

If you want to write great content for your blog or for your clients, use these writing apps for windows, MAC and chrome to write error free content. Check grammar and spelling mistakes and make your content easy to read.

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You may know the basic rules of content writing (e.g., working with a structure, an introduction, and a conclusion) but if you want to create award-winning content, you might need a little help.

Previously, We have published a list of Top 10 Writing Tools Online & WordPress Plugins To Make You A Productivity Guru & Organized Writer, In this article, we explore five best writing apps for windows, you can use to create content not only above par but also extraordinary.

Best Writing Apps for Windows and MAC

1. GrammarlyMust Have Free App for Writers

Gone are the days when you had to painstakingly examine each sentence, line, and word to check your grammar. Grammarly is a tool that corrects and looks for writing mistakes or errors that are overlooked otherwise.
Free Grammar Checker - Grammarly
Free Grammar Checker – Grammarly

Once installed on your device, you can use it across all digital platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. You can take it one step further and install it on the Microsoft Word Office on your PC too.

Grammarly has a number of products – Grammarly for MS Office, Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Native Apps and Plag.

What’s Unique about Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool that not only suggests the alternatives to make your writing sound more professional but it also does a major chunk of your editing by pointing out spelling errors, poorly constructed sentences and suggesting alternatives.

It has close to 250 grammar-related elements. This writing tool definitely helps you build your vocabulary.

Grammarly is available in both the paid and free versions. The goodness of Grammarly doesn’t stop here.

It even checks for plagiarism! Made by professional linguists and language lovers, Grammarly gives you variants and suggestions you can incorporate within text but, using those suggestions is ultimately your choice.

It is a simple and easy to use writing tool that guides and directs you to write better, clearer content. Your readers will want to read more of your written work! All because of one writing tool – Grammarly!

2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is an excellent writing tool which helps you spot common mistakes in your writing. The tool highlights complicated words or phrases, lengthy sentences, over usage of adverbs and repetitive use of passive voice too.

Hemingway Editor-Writing-Apps-For-Windows
Hemingway Editor Writing Apps For Windows and MAC

What’s Unique about Hemingway?

This tool is easy to download on your PC or Mac. You can also work on the free online version of this writing tool. It helps make your content clear and is very handy when you have on-demand writing with strict deadlines.

Hemingway editor is user-friendly! All you have to go is copy the text onto the editor and you can instantly view the problem areas that need correction.

The app also permits you to add headings and use various paragraph styles. It works well whether you write articles, newsletters or any other content.

3. Smart-Edit

Smart-Edit is a classic tool for creative writers and novelists who work in Microsoft Word. It is an effective aid when you edit your content.


What’s Unique about Smart-edit?

This writing tool runs a string of 20 individual checks on the article and spotlights the areas which need correction. Smart edit underlines where you have repeated the words or phrases.

It makes a list of all the adverbs you have used. The tool helps you to find the misused or misspelled words also reminds you to keep a check on your sentence formation: structure and length.

This writing tool points out any incorrect punctuations and wrongly employed exclamation marks and highlights a smart quote or straight quote. Smart edit polishes your manuscript by making your content award-winning in the eyes of your reader.

4. Cliche Finder

Cliche Finder is a very impressive tool. All that is required for you to do is to just enter the content in the tool and click on the submit tab. This writing tool will highlight the cliches for your content using the color red.

What’s Unique about Cliche Finder?

Cliche Finder looks into the over-used phrases in your writings. This writing tool brings back the original punch in your text. It finds and unveils the hidden cliches in your content. Last, it helps you to stop cliches before it takes over your content.

5. Ilys

Ilys is an interesting tool to use throughout your writing process. Once it knows the word count goal, the session begins and there is literally no other tabs to distract you from the writing you need to do.

There is no room for you to look back and edit during the writing process. Once you have reached the goal you save and only then can you go back to edit your content.

What’s Unique about Ilys?

This writing tool promotes improvement in the quantity of your work without ignoring your quality. It enables you to have a consistency and increase your output of words.

Ilys maintains complete privacy by remaining invisible to the public until you want to reveal your text. The communications are completely secured.

That’s All

These are some of the best and most popular writing apps for windows and MAC. Use these to distinguish your content from the rest and to make it award winning!.

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If you prefer to use any other writing app, add your comments below.

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