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Marriage is considered to be an extremely sacred occasion that tends to hold a special place in each of our lives. In this article Mark Wilcox explains why you should have a wedding website.

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One of the challenges of arranging a wedding is always to ensure everyone involved is kept updated around the event. Even in an era where kids are born with a cell phone in their hand, it is hard to keep in touch.

You need a central information repository. But given so many ways to communicate, which is the best? The best option is to create a wedding website. There many benefits. We will look at them here.

What is a Wedding Website?

A Wedding Website is basically viewed as an online platform wherein the bride and bridegroom along with their families come together in order to keep a check on the wedding preparations at large. A wedding website can be the first step in the long and widespread wedding planning procedures.

A Central Information Location

A wedding website serves as the only source for facts about wedding events, registries, lodging, etc. Since you probably didn’t invite everyone on Facebook to the wedding, Facebook isn’t your best option.

In particular, since Facebook doesn’t always show every post to everyone. You can love to post on Instagram but not all of the people who like your photos are wedding guests. Snapchat is hot but you know your parents much less Grandma even know it exists.

You can see you need another way to talk to your wedding guests. They will see the contact details and relevant information on your wedding website.

The Venue Needs To Be Here

The wedding website will have the venue and wedding date-time information. Put in information about times, parking and, of course directions can also be posted together with links to much more information.

Additionally, it is a smart idea to post information regarding available lodging and links to help make reservations. The itineraries and schedules will be on the website too. You should also put information about the reception, rehearsal dinner and anything else you are doing besides the wedding.

A benefit of this is that people don’t have to worry about keeping track of a hard copy. They can simply look into the website. The site isn’t limited to just being an online copy of the invitation.

Provide Registry Information

You don’t send registry information in the invitation. However, listing the registry about the wedding website allows guests to gain access to it and helps them pick the best gift. This also prevents your guests from bothering you about where you’re registered.

The wedding website is the best way to let people watch your couple’s wedding voyage. You can keep a blog to let people know about the latest on the ceremony, honeymoon dreams and other important invents.

To keep everyone up to date when you post, you can share the posts on social media. All of these updates turns your website and blog into a single spot for all of your wedding memories.

One of the most exciting times is the anticipation of your wedding. However, there are numerous planning details to guarantee are completed. The details to share is a bride and groom and their wedding guests.

A wedding has so many moments before the reception and it’s exciting to see them unfold. People will need to be informed about the latest on the locations for the ceremony and reception. And make sure they know where you are registered.

Make sure it’s clear about the date and time for the ceremony. Also, it is a great destination to post information about lodging and activities within the local area, something out-of-town guests will appreciate.

The wedding website is the best way to do this. Choose a wedding theme for your blog to make your wedding day website and you can rest assured of your beautiful online communication space as special as the wedding itself.

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About Author: Mark Wilcox

This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of weddingintro.com which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.

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  1. Keelie

    Great post Mark.
    A wedding website can also make your wedding invitations much more environmentally friendly. Wedding websites of today often include several inserts from menus to maps and accommodation options, you could simple have all of this information on the website and just sent a very simple invitation referring your guests to the site. Your invitations will likely be cheaper this way as well.

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